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Like the show so far, though Yoo-shin’s storyline is boring. For those of you who are hesitant- the storyline developments if it’s written well, makes it worth suffering 6 months following a series. Ivoire March 19, at 8: I’ve been dissapointed from the other recent dramas I will still be following your recaps, ’cause you ROCK! But, if they follow Seoyoung’s route, then things will get a bit draggy but pick up its pace towards the end. I dunno, episode 10 or something.

Yoo Inna is a great young actress, but I hate it when she plays character like this. How are they going to fill 50 episodes and keep us entertained? IU is rocking it I am watching Hundred Years Inheritance and appreciate the heart and humour for this drama more. In-sung reports to Jun-ho that The Rumor about Mi-ryung is that her entire past is fabricated, and that her real past begins at an orphanage and even includes a daughter she gave up at a young age. He picks up the phone she dropped. I knew that terrible thing would happen because the synopsis says it all.

Youre the Best Lee Soon Shin Episode 3

Episodes by odilettante. The evil mother in law triumphs. Also, please don’t die, Soon-shin’s Dad! This show is good.

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Family dramas done right can be good, and I think this is the first one i’ll get into. Our worthy bloggers should do an entire essay on ‘Good, Dead Dads in Kdrama’ and award a Golden Funeral Dumpling to the actors who’ve played them most often.

Mi-ryung thinks over the cryptic comment that Yeon-ah made to her the other day about a rumor and decides to go see Jun-ho. Mi-ryung chases him down the street, still accusing him of starting the rumor, and he brushes her aside to keep walking. I guess, this will make a reason for soonshin to take up jun ho’s offer because her family now needs financial support with dad gone.

Thing would be nice. I wish I could stick around for all the cute stuff here but snglish some point thing are going to heat upand I just know there’s going to be melodrama, angst and noble idiocy which since this a long drama will last several episodes Mi-ryung keeps getting fnglish from the manager she fired, and this time she warns him never to call your the best lee soon shin episode 3 english sub.

I have seen in soooo many dramas where people take out loans in other people’s names and run off with the money or sell their house out from under them or use their houses as collateral on loans and then the house is seized. Not least thanks db for recapping this! One day, she meets a man claiming to be Shin Joon Ho, the head of the talent agency Gabi Entertainment, who wants to make Soon Shin into an actress.

Gosh, I really hope I will love it like I love ojakgyo brothers: You can watch the vest on dramaholics. Lee Ji Hoon Main Cast. A drama with Ojakkyo-esque. Can I just say, I have a crush on Young Hoon? Nice that JJS episodr there too, so I’ll follow the recap I mean it’s 50 episodes drama, I expected Soon Shin’s dad to be around at least until episode 10 or so. I was going to give this drama a shot mainly because of Jo Jung-seok and he your the best lee soon shin episode 3 english sub is the main reasonbut I’m finding the storylines interesting despite resemblances to this drama’s predecessors: The plot seems so awesome now, i dont want to regret watching it in the end if the show ends up not meeting my expectations.

I dont mean to sound sarcastic. PS I’m having some trouble getting my head around “School Ji-hoon” playing a young professional this time: Yoo In Na Main Cast. After a long look, he sighs: Mom runs to the restaurant to see for herself, and her face falls to see how hard Soon-shin is working to try and repay that epizode. Your the best lee soon shin episode 3 english sub says this is her fault for putting the wind in her sails for some hopeless dream, while Dnglish argues that this is her own fault for being so incapable.

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The middle sister shim so annoying. Thank you dramabeans for recapping this! Soon-shin runs into the pair of them on her way home, and lights up to see Chan-woo oppa. It was killing me coz I know I’ve seen him before and couldn’t quite place it! It was a good plot.

The thing about family dramas is, they always come with one plot thread like this, so I fully expected that the drama would be My Two Moms. I feel so sorry for him. His blind date chucks a glass of water at his face and storms out. Jo Jung Suk Main Cast.

yiur Cause of all the drama’s I’ve watched I can count with the fingers of one hand the ones I’ve liked Page 1 Page 2 Next page. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: The seemingly happy family will start to show cracks The different love lines are slowly taking form and I like all of them.

I’d be a very happy camper if this indeed turns out to be Ojakkyo-esque, but my sense is that this is gonna have a lot more angsty melo in it. With three sisters we essentially get three mini rom-coms amidst the larger family hijinks, which makes for a really breezy watch. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!

Thanks for the recap! Young-hoon is such a nice guy that he gives her the job even with his frownypants waiter waving his arms behind her frantically in protest.

I’m still enchanted by Jun-Ho, can’t wait for project “soon-shin” to start. Shin murmuring that the standards around here have gone down if they let in people like her. May I just ask for a supplement of Lee Je Hoon’s character?

Let’s see how this will develop.