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Ishita smiles seeing Raman sleeping. Raman tells Ishita about the recent events and also shares that this all is getting very dirty. SIndhu 5th Jan – Aaliya wants to convince Adi about Shagun. Handsome tag and Adi has put my picture in FB, he is getting so many friend requests, everyone is complimenting me. Khosla informs this to Suraj. She sends Neelu outside.

Though the child is innocent. Everyone dance and hug. Just a feel this child can be Romis … Only or some one from the family. Poor romi Nd rohit…rohit is soooo sweet… Y Mrs bhalla is behaving like this..?? But, Raman is skeptical that if there were some specific reason which compels Sarika to go against her family, she must shares the reason with Romi at least. Will Raman and Ishita able to send Ashok to jail again?

When family members find Raman angry they also come there. He greets them and leaves.

Aaliya wants to convince Adi about Shagun. You may also like. He gets angry on Shagun and says that she will never change.

Raman’s surprise for Ishita

Raman gets worried and mohzbbatein to meet the artist. Romi says ask Ishita and Raman, they will tell you. He explains her how Khosla cheated him. Sabrin 5th Jan – 8: Bhalla gives Rohit to Ishita and asks him to leave Rohit to orphanage, Romi said right.

Ishita smiles seeing Raman sleeping. I read in the spoiler that Ishita and Raman will decide to raise Rohit as their child. Bhalla loves Rohit a lot, she will not let him go away. Yeah they should find out wher she get rohit from. Romi throws the things angrily. Everyone dance and hug.

Nazr e Bud Episode 6 Hum TV 9 February | Full episodes and Today episode

Manoj says I have a flight, I m going away for 2 days, I will take a leave. V P 6th Jan – 1: Aaliya supports Shagun and says that she really loves Mani and she will change. Aaliya says that she has made a yeh hai mohabbatein 5 january 2016 full episode and she has accepted it. Bhalla asks whats the matter, tell me. Will Raman and Ishita able to send Ashok to jail again? Bhalla asks Romi what happened. Anakha 6th Jan – 7: Poor romi, hopefully ishita and Raman will figure out something maybe they might mohsbbatein him!

Not only this Raman orders ishita to say that she loves him and he is the most handsome person.

Raman and Ishita hear Romi screaming. There must be some reason.

Romi is young and always has been emotional, immature and being the youngestspoilt. Ishita says we have to tell truth to Romi. Romi hears all this and gets shocked. He brings her outsidehouse andmakes her stand near a wall. Raman asks her not to worry.

Rescue mission ends, all twelve boys, coach brought out 5 jqnuary ago.

Hi guys…… Hi chithra……. The man tells Bala that Khosla is not his loan guarantor now, so Bala has to return money within a month. Bhalla is at park.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th January full episode written update: Now ishra will adopt rohit. Welcome, Login to your account.