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I’m not from Korea,here fans are crazy about the drama JYH’s acting is definitely a lot better too. YH is a very talented musician, he could sing, play instruments and compose while shinhye is a very talented actress, she could sing and dance I have a feeling that I’ll watch this drama based on what you wrote: Seok-hyun and Kyu-won would be cute together.. I think every countries have action or deep dramatic series but korean dramaS are really Good with fantasy images thats why this kind of dramas atract many interest overseas Jun-hee tells his bandmates about the gukak professor who died from cancer the night of the concert, and Shin realizes why Kyu-won was so testy with him that day. Bo-woon offers to play for him everyday, and he perks up when she offers to buy him food.

Drama Recaps Greasy Melo: Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! This Android app gives you full control over your favorite streaming sites, allowing you to switch easily between episodes. Wow thanks for the fast recep and I think I will watch this drama after reading your recep and watching ep 1. Watching this is like travelling back to the past – high school and college – I become emotional listening to the music and remembered those beautiful days in high school when life was so simple and I was so naive. Song Chang-eui, where did you hide all these years? Ep 1 and 2 looks good. Episodes by odilettante.

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Jung Yong Hwa Main Cast. The second he leaves, Kyu-won demands for the girls to heartstrints, like a mobster. Revolution Revolution is another Korean drama that is currently airing on Korean station tvN on Saturdays and Sundays.

I’m liking it so far except for cranky-pants Gramps.

Can I say it again, the music is out of this world. Like Junhee a lot more than Lee shin. I just love the way he sang it with some much emotion Lee Gyu Won Park Shin Hye is a traditional gayageum Korean zither-like watch heartstrings korean drama episode 2 eng sub with 12 strings player and a progeny of Korean traditional music.

And before she knows it, word of the battle spreads across campus, and turns into an all-out war. July 1, at 3: I love that she definitely considers him an ajusshi and he treats her kind of like a kid… and yet… I totally want these two to be together. Watching this is like travelling back to the past – high school and college – I become emotional listening to the music and remembered those beautiful days in high school when life was so simple and I was so naive.

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Episode 2 Ratings for Heartstrings- 4. I like the songs too.

I watched ep1 yesterday. She and her grandfather get new neighbors.

Here I waych, thinking that the screencap makes him look a lot like Park Shin-Hye in You’re Beautiful when she’s dressed as a boy with the glasses, but the Hamtaro comparison totally tops that! Both Shin and Gyu Won care about their respective musical styles at the exclusion of all else in their lives, but can the two divergent passions be reconciled?

Romance Expressway Full Episode S 1: A verification email has been sent to your new email address. So Yi Hyun Main Cast. Thank you thank you thank you for recapping FFY!!! Kyu-won arrives and pays the bill, and Shin arrives just behind her.

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watcn To watch or not to watch The color-palette is fantastic as well which we very seldom see in these youth-y dramas and it feels more like eye candy to me than CH does. Hazel July 1, at 5: The entrances are awesome, all western duel at high noon. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. So even if the drama is bad i will still watch it!!! Dramago Exclusive site for Korean dramas. I think that Shin’s enf is actually quite likable.

The final scene where Lee Shin sings really moved me, though I have no idea what eny is singing about. But the bickery hatred? Yong-hwa is really a good singer. I’m starting to feel hooked This “cold-warm” guy character is kinda typical in many dramas maybe many people will have to see significant different to finally judge him that he really doing great.

You can subtitle on Watch heartstrings korean drama episode 2 eng sub and be part of the community too!

I don’t really like her character that much I read the City Hunter first before this, so as to recover from all the tension and stuff in that drama. Either that or he swears weirdly.

Heartstrings Episode 2

Haru June 30, at Amy June 30, at 7: If you love Dream High, this drama has more substances, the acting is better, awesome music and so much more. Sigh with the our-dads-were-in-a-band-together thing. Yuki June 30, at 8: Dodo June 30, at 5: Rumors says that Jung Yong-hwa composed this song called ‘missing you’? Jun Hee reminds me of Hamtaro, the hamster for some reason.

I have to good watch. K July 1, at It’s the big dorky glasses and the shaggy orange hair, I think. My first go to blog is dramabeans, but couldn’t find it.