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Episode 9 by LollyPip. Aside from the very obvious reason that we needed to fill the time, I see no reason for Episode 15 to have existed. I wish for it though He goes around and chases 16 year olds in his new body. First Best Love and now this. What happened today, especially with Daran’s speech at the end felt too weird. Ep 15 was aggravating, yes, but the last scene gave me the payoff I was waiting for.

But different dramas appeal to different people. Anyway, thanks so much for the recap, jb. How does that even make sense? What will he tell D about how he feels? Even if it was slow. I agree with you:

Don’t hate KKJ because of bad writing. I just knew it.

Are you going to pick them? Despite the angst they put into a lot of their drama usually the following episode pulls you right back in but in this case I am moving away from it. I was a little confused as to why KJ thought practicing the amnesia first would make the pain less when it really happens. But different dramas appeal to different people. I totally agree with you about this episode. Like Charly, peering into the fate of Algernon. Stardust July 23, at I think ep15 did an excellent job of confusing me.

The watch thing was pathetic indeed. Instead, it was outright incomprehensible, leaving me scratching my head in confusion and wondering if I suddenly lost a few brain cells in the story comprehension department, because I felt like everyone in the drama was watch big korean drama eng sub ep 15 like stuff made sense… only IT MADE NO SENSE.

I am not sure why this episode existed, as well. Ding dong Seo Yoon Jae is dead. Mari instructs Choong-shik to erase everything in his head about, say, the fake-ring she bought and replaced for Da-ran, and only remember how she spent every day taking care of Kyung-joon so he can play eyewitness. Are You Human Too: I was so won over that I found it cute.

And I can let you go because I like you. Anyway, thanks so much for the recap, jb. But this rdama won me over with the last five minutes, when Da Ran made her declaration of love for KKJ. I really was hoping that they would switch back so that they would have enough time to deal with everything.

That person does exist.

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I was hoping for a enhance on the plot because is the dinamic duo of writers, but i was wrong. Omg, that would be awesome. Da-ran tells Kyung-joon of her plans to announce the end of the marriage.

Hopefully tomorrow’s will have a nice closure! I wasn’t a fan of there last few dramas fave one was You’re Beautiful. I blame the Brain Fetus I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Glad I didn’t watch all the eps. So Dad takes Da-ran out for a drink and asks if her running away to a new job is an attempt to cast away the husband, or grab onto him. How are they going to wrap up everything with any sense of neatness in ONE episode? Take it or not? Can we have a new installment of Thing Vs Thing: Another set of writers attacked by the brain fetus fever going around in kdramaland!

I get that she’s trying to prove something by acknowledging KKJ in front of everyone, but its bringing unnecessary pain and disappointment to their parents–hers especially.

Open Thread Open Thread by mary. Watch big korean drama eng sub ep 15 Greatest Love to this. Aside from the very obvious reason that we needed to fill the time, I see no reason for Episode 15 to have existed.

I knew this watch big korean drama eng sub ep 15 was HAM.

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I agree with you: She’s a good actress I think, and managed to make me care what happens to Da Ran. Dgama ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Egn loved her character upgrade. I mean it’s not exactly the first time the male lead has done something ultimately pointless in the second to last episode of a drama, and when watching it I didn’t feel that confused or enraged by his actions as I thought his reasoning wasn’t all that ludicrous and he was just failing a little to see the big picture.

Which will solve the whole divorce issue. I am just as confused asyou are, JB.