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Ben offers his help, but Kevin and Gwen are skeptical. The Emperor’s majordomo, Raff, seeks out Kevin to help on the search. After trying to fight him, the team soon formally meet the man who they name Professor Paradox as he forgot his original name after spending , years detached from time and space , a scientist from the s who was sucked into the event horizon of his time-travel experiment. Ben begins by recapturing the lost aliens of Chromastone, Spidermonkey, and Goop before taking on Vilgax. Alien Force — Volume 4″. To make things right, the duo set out into the Null Void to rescue those they wrongfully imprisoned. Alien Force — Season 3 [16]. The team rescues a young man named Tyler, who stole the Oscillator Key for the Highbreed’s hyperspace gateway from Los Soledad.

Gwen’s older brother Ken is missing, and she asks for Ben and Kevin’s help to find him. Albedo transforms into Jetray and flies off to a computer factory, but Gwen tracks him with the mana he leaves behind. Alien Force Volume 5 [8]. Back in the present, the team sees Hugo, now normally aged, and Paradox exchanges pleasantries with him before he departs. This is a list of episodes of the American animated television series Ben Alien Force — Vol. In the process, Julie finds out about the Omnitrix. Alien Force — Volume 3″.

When he asks Azmuth how to turn it episodee on, Azmuth smiles and tells him to have fun figuring it out. Kevin, however, remains suspicious. Alien Force Volume 9 [13]. Unless she is returned, Milleous plans to destroy the Earth. Ben begins by recapturing the lost aliens of Chromastone, Spidermonkey, and Goop before taking on Vilgax. Eventually, Ben is able to convince Serena to trasform him into Swampfire, and watch ben ten alien force season 1 episode 11 quick work of the enemies.

Needing something to bargain with, Kevin steals Max’s RV, the Rustbucket, but Argit double crosses Kevin and steals the RV for himself, after seeing the huge amount of Plumber’s tech and weapons inside it. Kevin decides to settle old scores with an escaped con.

Ben Alien Force Season 1 Episode 11 – Dailymotion Video

While Ben, Gwen, and Kevin investigate, they see a strange alken who seems to be able to disappear at will. Ben and the team travel to an alien planet to resolve a conflict between the inhabitants. At night, Ben’s childhood bullies J. Since he has all the Plumber’s gear of his late father, as well as the fact that he seems to have been helping his city using his energy-controlling abilities, Ben and Gwen are quick to twn him.

Eoisode from time and space, Paradox is able to move through time at will. With this, Ben asks Reinrassic to call off the war, which he does. While they help him in his mission, Max sets about destroying the factory while searching for the egg-laying machine.

The authorities of a local town named Grover’s Mill arrest a half-human, half-Pyronite boy named Alan Albright for arson and criminal damage. Kevin has arranged a meeting for Ben with the Forever Knights, who need help in slaying a dragon they have kept captive underneath their castle for 1, years.

Views Read Edit View history. After a Plumber setup to find out if the team has been masquerading as Plumbers, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are forbidden to fight against the Highbreed threat by Plumbers Magister Prior Gilhil. Watch ben ten alien force season 1 episode 11 5, [13]. Back on Earth, Gwen tells everyone that Darkstar escaped, to which Ben replies that they will find him later.

After teaming up with watch ben ten alien force season 1 episode 11 Knights’ mightiest warrior, Sir Connor, in a failed attempt to destroy the dragon, Ben notices that the dragon appears to be trying to communicate. The woman shows up, and is able to beat both Ben and Kevin in battle with ease. He then heads to Earth in an attempt to get revenge on Ben.

Ben 10: Alien Force Season 1 Episode 11 Full Movie

When they follow him there, Albedo sticks Gwen and Kevin to a wall with packing foam. Alien Force Volume 7 [11].

Joseph Chadwick sends Sir Morton to kidnap Ship so that the Seasom Knights can use him to mass-produce a fleet of interstellar spacecraft with which to attack the homeworld of the alien dragon that escaped them. Charmcaster returns and wwtch Kevin to help her to defeat Gwen. The Seasin asks Kevin for help watch ben ten alien force season 1 episode 11 finding the Knights’ hideout. Inside Max’s, Ben finds RV a Holo-viewer with a recording from Max and he asks his cousin Gwen for advice as they meet Magister Labrid, an agent of the Plumbers and Max’s partner in a case he was working on.

After an accident with a teleporter pod, Ben and a Highbreed officer named Reinrassic III are stranded on a desert planet called Turrawuste. He shows up late to a mission and Gwen and Kevin are angry at him.

Ben 10 Alien Force – Season 1, Episode 11: Be-Knighted

In an act of self-sacrifice, Max uses an unfocused Null Void warp projector to destroy the Highbreed base, leaving his fate unknown. Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Azmuth, and Ship as a spaceship head to the Highbreed’s homeworld of Augstaka to confront the Highbreed Supreme after the commander tells them that he is the only one who can call off the war.

Alien Force Volume 3 [5]. eposode

The night before they reach the routing station, a creature attacks them while they are resting, severing Forcce right hand. Gwen and Keving show up with Way Big, who Ben scans and attempts to transform into, but he becomes Chromastone instead.

June 1, [16]. After looking at a database of the aliens they captured and put into the Null Void, Ben realizes that some of them may have been Plumbers’ bsn.