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Award bootblock bios v1 0

Spent five hours on this Video seems to be really off-and-on. EXE command modifiers used above are:. It seemed to stop liking the original floppy for some reason. Okay, I have a bootable floppy in a working floppy drive connected to the system, dammit!

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That will usually clear the BIOS settings. If using a paper clip, ensure that your bend at the end will fit into the socket and biox the BIOS chip like a small hook.

I hope this saves others from having to buy a new Flash Rom chip or servicing fees. I'm just tired of this thing. Which informed me of the necessity of using an autoexec.

Award BootBlock BIOS - BIOS ROM Checksum Error - Insert System Disk - NO YUO!

Try with the floppy inserted again, but with the video card removed. Wed Jul 23, 7: I mean, what if it's not just the BIOS wrt the video problem? Originally posted by zathras2: Here is what I have found out. Well, I don't have my replacement board yet because apparently USPS delivery confirmation isn't, and 3-day express mail, well, isn't.

I generally don't recommend reprogramming the BootBlock when you flash your BIOS, because you risk losing your only insurance against a failed flash. Wed Jul 23, 9: If you have a friend with the same motherboard or one that uses the same or a plug compatible BIOS chip, you may be able to "Hot Flash" b1 chip using your friend's motherboard.

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Go read the FAQ at http: Continue with the above instructions to manually clear your CMOS settings in order to complete your recovery. Wed Jul 23, 2: BAT and you're done. Fri Jul 25, 2: What happens if I do?

Clearing the CMOS fixed the issue for me. I had the same exact error with an ECS board. Instead, alternate from one corner to the other, pulling up a small bit each time until the chip pops up from the board.

The PC is a Presario bootblocl I don't see what the mobo is sorry. BAT file you do not want this diskette to "auto-run" on your friend's computer or you may owe him or her a new BIOS chip as well!

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Thu Jul 24, I just had the same issue on a Abit BM6 board of mine. Award's BootBlock boktblock hasn't changed in years.

Carefully insert your corrupted chip, aligning the chip in the same manner as the chip you removed. EXE and the blocks of your BIOS chip will be written there will be periods of time when nothing appears to be happening.

(Solved) - Award BootBlock BIOS v BIOS ROM checksum error ? « How-To Geek Forums

EXE command modifiers used above are:. The following information was obtained from Wim's Bios http: Navigate to your diskette drive in Windows Explorer. I've been accused of being a little vague here If you don't have a chip puller tool, you can fashion one by straightening a paper clip and making a small bend nios one end. It sounds like you've got a bad bios chip.

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