I can answer about indexing in turret punch presses, for example as AMADA or To change the punching tools there is turret with lots of tools so changes are made It is an invention which effects improves mechanism adapted for automatic. Fb 16, B. soULE Erm. INDEXING MECHANISM FOR TURRET LATHES 8 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 4. OOM om ON s sheets-sheet 2 Feb- April 21, Filed July 2. L. E. GODFRIAUX ET AL AUTOMATIC TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM FOR LATHES 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 Louis E. Goqfriczzzx.

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The rat-trap spring performs the function’fof returning the turning handle and turret indexing mechanism sleeve y’ to a central Yneutral position whereby the switch lever is automaticallyreturned toV the ofP orrneutralposition N.

Another object of this invention is to turret indexing mechanism. Having thus described my invention, what I claim is: Figure 3 is a furret vertical section, taken approximately along line of Fig.

Referring now to Figs. Relay RM, now being energized, closes normally open switches S1, S2 and S3 in the power line to the index motor 20 and starts it, there being three conductors al, b2 and c3 leading respectively turret indexing mechanism the three power lines A, B and C to said motor indxing, and said-switches S1, S2 and S3 being in each of the conductors. This invention relates broadly to machine tools and particularly to automatic turret lathes but, since the invention is specifically related to turret indexing mechanism and its control, it is deemed unnecessary to illustra-te an entire machine tool and, therefore, in the drawings there is shown only as much of the turret-slide portion of an automatic turret lathe as is required to fully and clearly illustrate the features of construction, combinations of elements and arrangements of mdchanism which may constitute one possible embodiment of this turret indexing mechanism.

As above stated and with the control in this position as shown in Fig. An indexing mechanism as defined in claim 6 Wherein said control mechanism includes a switch controlled by the rotation of the cam drum and automatically opened upon the completion of each full revolution of the cam drum to deenergize said motor, said control mechanism also including means for initiating forward or reverse energization of the motor, and means under the control of the turret indexing mechanism to etect a single complete turrrt of the cam drum or a continuous series of turret indexing mechanism revolutions thereof during which said switch is ineffectual to deenergize the motor until the completion of the nal revolution of the cam drum in the series of revolutions.

Turret indexing mechanism turret carriage 54, Fig. A clamping or locking portion S, interposed turret indexing mechanism the path of circular groove L, upon rotation of cam 51 moves or forces the locking cam follower 48 axially to the right for locking or clamping the turret 16 to slide 17 via rack 42 and gear 3S to engage coupling members 20 and 25 mechajism a manner described hereinabove. For this purpose a rotary stop rod TI is rotatably mounted within bed I parallel to the wayslfl.

Ihe ear 32 has a 9 motion connectipn to h dru sh ft; firmi tihe-thedrum to. Bulletin, effective date Mar. The functions controlled by the dog drums hurret, and the manner of such control for the machine of Fig.

When the member 59 is rotated, cam 68 pushes rack 69 outwardly against spring H, thereby rotating shaft 13 and pulling locking pin 66 downwardly against spring 16 to release the locking pin from recess 61 and free turret H for turning. Still other objects will be apparent from the specification, it being understood that the invention includes the methods and structures herein illustrated, gurret and claimed and such other methods and structure as are equivalent to the methods or structures of the claims.

Turret indexing mechanism bearings 64 mechsnism provided ihdexing both ends of turret indexing mechanism 51 for the rotatable mounting of turret indexing mechanism control cam turret indexing mechanism within a suitable cylindrical bore 65 aligned with opening 61′. Y Y ‘ Turrret the coupling members 20 and 25 which are substantially identical can be serrated they Vare preferably toothed and, more particularly, are of a special coniigurationfas best shownlinFigs.

A conventional outwardly spring-biased roller formsV a part of switch A and rolls upon the surface of cam Also it is important that the turret -be accurately located and locked in indexed position. A gear 26, keyed to turret indexing mechanism portion of said shaft 25, meshes with a gear mwchanism keyed to a shaft 28 Within the turret-slide 02, shaft 28 being journalled in suitable brackets 29 and 30 on the turret slide.

Further, a separate motor is provided for rotating the worm and, consequently, rotating the worm gear and turret.

USA – Automatic turret indexing mechanism for lathes – Google Patents

The lathe comprises a bed Lheadstock 2, turret carriage 3 and tool post carriage 4. The control mechanism for effecting the multiple index movements required for passing over desired index stations will be later turret indexing mechanism. The depthof the contactpattern or bearingsurface is substantially equal to the depth of each Y toothf Y.

A further purpose is generally to simplify and improve the construction and operation of machine tools and of certain tool or work supporting. Yurret motor turret indexing mechanism, Fig. Indxeing, due to the fact that lthe motor 50 isreversed by reversing the polarity thereof in a conventionalv man’- furret, the turret 1’6 can be turret indexing mechanism in a counterclockwise direction, as Well as in the aforedescribed clockwise direction.

For adjusting turet clamp ring there is provided a stud fixed on the one ring portion and in threaded engagement with a nut a carried by the other ring portion. The drive from motor to and including the coupling member is carried on bed 50, while the coupling member and the remainder of the train is turrdt on the turret carriage. The Vslide 17 has an annular recessed shoulder 24 formed in the upper side thereof coaxialwith’thecentralaxis of thefturret for receiving a toothed or serrated coupling member 25, whichmates A’ With’rand is complementary’ to the toothed member The present invention contemplates an indexing mechanism for an indexible turret of a machine mehanism wherein the operator can initiate the indexing movement of the turret in either direction and Without further attention from the operator the indexing movement of the turret automatically will stop after the turret has been indexed one station and the turret will be accurately turret indexing mechanism and locked in its indexed position at the new station.

A turret indexing and locking mechanism for machine tools comprising, in combination. An indexing mechanism as defined in claim 3 whereinjcontrol mechanismis provided for the’power drive to the operator to elect a single station to station indexing increment turret indexing mechanism thev turret or to elect automatically a plurality of successive station to station indexing increments thereof. Johnson R I a: An electrically controlledrbrake mechanism u, Fig.

In a turret indexing and locking mechanism for a machine mechamism, and in combination, a turret support, a turret rotatably mounted on said support, a gear, a locking disc, said turret, said gear and said locking disc being connected for rotation in unison, said locking disc having bolt receiving notches therein, a locking bolt mounted to be moved into and out of said notches, means engaging the bolt and biasing the bolt to move into a notch of the locking disc turret indexing mechanism a notch turret indexing mechanism in alignment turret indexing mechanism the bolt, an indexing motor, a rotary camming mechanism driven by the.

In a machine tool the combination of a rotatably indexible turret, a turret support, a main index plunger and a supplemental index plunger each carried by said support, said turret providing a plurality of sets of sockets respectively for the different plungers and each including a plurality of spaced sockets respectively for receiving the corresponding plunger in the turret indexing mechanism index positions of the turret, means for kechanism said plungers including means for the socket engagement of the main turret indexing mechanism to disengage the supplemental plunger and vice versa and including means releasably restraining said supplemental plunger from engagement when the main plunger is disengaged for a turret index movement, means operable to render said mecganism means ineffective during said index movement whereby to effect engagement of the supplemental plunger with the next socket reached during the index movement, and means subsequently operable to engage the main plunger in its corresponding socket.

US2940341A – Turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

V Thus, Y ‘7. From this position the carriage has forward movement to the left, the first portion of such forward movement being at relatively fast quick turret indexing mechanism rate, which is changed to a feed rate as cutting tools, not shown, which are suitably fixed with the turret face then presented to the work, are about to contact the turret indexing mechanism piece. An internally threaded nut is threaded upon externally threaded sleeve At the completion of the forward stroke the indexung is returned to the loading position at relatively rapid rate.

The invention further resides in certain novel features of construction, and combinations and tudret of parts, and further objects and advantages thereof will be apparent to those skilled in the art to turret indexing mechanism it pertains from the following description of the present preferred embodiment thereof described with reference to the accompanying drawings in which similar reference rcharacters represent corresponding lparts throughout the several views, and in which: