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But, her love for Stefan Paul Wesley versus her guilt for wanting, or more so needing, Damon to stick around keeps her in this constant state of confusion. The Vampire Diaries Transcripts. This episode begins with a flashback to AD: The college trip is where the love triangle action kicks in, as Elena is taken on an undead crash course by the most professional blood-sucker she knows. Shane is later seen reading a book with a picture of the tattoo on his wall when Connor walks in, demanding to know why he sent him there. Our first clue should have been that he thought it was appropriate to attend an all-out rager at a frat house. A man steps out of the box and immediately begins to burn, revealing they are executing vampires and they are teaching humans the dangers of these creatures.

That’s what I’m hoping is in the first chapter of the handbook. Klaus and Rebekah tell Stefan about The Five, a group of vampire hunters of whom they have known for years. Damon, Elena and Bonnie take a trip to college, watching Professor Shane teach a class about witches, however Elena is concerned about whether or not she will follow Stefan and become a “ripper” when she feeds. She is hurt at Stefan’s betrayal and Klaus stabs her in the chest with the dagger, watching her desiccate. Nate walks back to the room with Connor chained up and Connor manages to bite him on the ear, revealing his barbel in his mouth, able to pick the lock to his chains. The guy magically appears just as someone blows up the entire founders’ council, covered in a tattoo that only Jeremy Gilbert, of all people in the world, seems to be able to see.

Rebecca runs in to Sewson at a restaurant and she is trying to figure out what he wants from her. She’s a genius at self control. Rebecca questions what Stefan would do in her position; if he would have trusted love over his family.

We start at A. I can only drink from the vein. But, the only one who can see the tattoo is Jeremy.

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Damon’s cell phone rings, and the Sheriff tells him there were no remains in the hospital explosion – meaning Connor is still alive. In Mystic Falls, Klaus sees Jeremy’s sketch and tells him to hurry up, shoving him by the throat against the wall when the vampire diaries season 4 episode 4 the five says there is no more.

Retrieved from ” https: Rebecca knows that Klaus’ main motive was to get Elena’s blood to create more hybrids so she storms out. I have to take Elena to college. April is hanging out waiting for Rebecca and Matt is shocked that the two girls are friends. Connor attempts to explain it to him as he is shackled up by his arms and now Rebecca is the one talking tattoos.

She confesses that she and her lost love had even picked out a church and he goes on to stay that he would take the cure if it meant having eternal love.

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He reveals to Rebekah’s shock that the Brotherhood still exists and they have work to do, however she comments she no longer cares before walking away. You’re the one who’s getting me dlaries this. The ordinance was dead set on ridding the world from the menacing vampire race until they came across the Originals, or the more precisely, the Originals came upon them.

Stefan stands in her way of escaping. When Elena sees all the blood the vampire diaries season 4 episode 4 the five her, she realizes that she should not have been out with Damon, but rather Stefan.

Klaus soon apologizes and asks Rebekah to tell them what she knows about the Five. The Vampire Diaries Transcripts. Elena realizes that she may be getting a bit too close to Damon. The obvious elephant in the room is the new discovery that a cure might exist. Rebekah ‘s attempt to buy Matt ‘s forgiveness falls flat, but she is intrigued by unexpected news from Klaus.

The Vampire Diaries: Season 4, Episode 4 :: The Five

I have high hopes for the series in general after the revelations brought to us this week, but just wish Elena would settle on a boyfriend already. Rebekah arrives at the Boarding House after receiving a message from Stefan.

The Vampire Diaries, Season 4, Episode 4: It is in this moment, Alexander and Rebekah are seen intimate with each other. Rebekah notices a dagger meant for a “special type of vampire” on the nightstand and after distracting her, Alexander stabs her in the heart with it, neutralizing her. View the discussion thread. Klaus walks out after telling the girl to take Jeremy home and Nate – his hybrid – to keep Connor alive. However, the tattoos – and by extension, the map – are incomplete. She starts crying and Stefan tells her to hold on.

Rebekah arrives at Klaus’ the vampire diaries season 4 episode 4 the five and sees Connor chained up, not seeing the tattoo and believing it to be a trick. Rebekah, Klaus and Bonnie this week meant we were missing Caroline and Tyler, and Elijah and Matt are given only seaskn visits.

The vampire diaries season 4 episode 4 the five is, before Bonnie returns and the guilt pours over Diares like a cold shower. I can’t put you through that. But the daggers don’t work on Rebecca because she has a werewolf side. This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat Alexander told Klaus that they had the ultimate weapon to destroy vampires.

Elena is outside and wiping blood off her mouth and tells Bonnie she should be here with Stefan, Damon is standing behind her and tells them diariss hit the road. The tattoo then spreads upon to his shoulder.

We find out that Klaus and his siblings ran in to the hunters back in the 12th century. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter.

Klaus is then seen smirking at Rebekah, taunting her that she tries too hard. Stefan shows up and tries to get her to co-operate with him and Klaus’ plans by saying he could talk to Matt about giving seawon a second chance.