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He and Pamela pack up a car and leave the next day to begin the search. Karl kills him and escapes his cell but cannot escape the prison. Todd, having not seen Melissa so happy for a long time, apologizes to Tandy as a shooting star passes by and turns out to be a satellite, which crashes into a shopping plaza. Carol shows the group photos of the figure in a Yoda mask she saw. Retrieved October 17, Tandy and Carol then introduce Mike to their twins, and Mike shows Tandy his truck’s thermal imaging device, which he used to find the group. When they cancel because of the arrival of Carol’s twins, Todd becomes depressed by baby fever, which Melissa notices. Retrieved April 15,

Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives. Meanwhile, Melissa and Gail eventually agree to simultaneously date Todd. He suddenly has an epiphany and lights the front of the group’s main building with a rainbow pattern in Lewis’s honor. Retrieved May 5, In the ensuing chaos, Melissa, released from the pillory, shoots Darrell Jon Hamm , one of the crew members. Meanwhile, Todd asks Melissa about her unidentified tablet, but she keeps stating, “Santa’s penis”. Tandy chooses to not enter Mike’s room and instead leaves a note, taking his old volleyball “Gary” with him. Retrieved May 17,

Karl, helping Gail with her finger, secretly consumes an ice cube used to treat the burn. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus.

As Pat tries to blockade the van, Todd runs over him and immediately thinks he has killed him. Finally, Tandy tells Carol he wanted to deliver the baby because of how helpless he felt when the late Phil Stacy died and how he loves Carol too much to bear it.

Retrieved December 13, With Tandy lsst Carol happily celebrating the latter’s pregnancy, Todd, feeling heartbroken, tells Tandy he is angry that Tandy chose Mike over him as a sperm donor for Carol. As the survivors return to the Malibu mansion, Carol notices Pat’s yacht has disappeared, and when they visit where Tandy hid him, they find he has vanished, too.

There’s no ground control. Retrieved April 15, Retrieved November 17, When the virus broke out and grounded all flights, Mark had planned to travel to the Wpisode. Karl offers to paint Gail’s portrait as a gift for Erica’s birthday.

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While he and Carol are alone, Tandy explains that Pat is truly dead, so they stage a brawl between Tandy and a Pat mannequin with Omline emerging victorious.

Following Darrell’s funeral, Tandy convinces his friends to allow Pat and Lewis Kenneth Choihis other crew member, into their group. The men soon find a billboard advertising the real estate agency where Melissa worked. Retrieved November 3, To do so, Carol convinces Phil to wafch her. Available on Prime Funny or Die Presents: Retrieved April 5, Join Now Back to login.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Gail eventually agree to simultaneously date Todd. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. As the group continues traveling, they become annoyed by each other quickly: Tandy forces Lewis to go to Seattle to see if Mark made it home. Retrieved November 14, During the argument, Carol painlessly gives birth to another daughter, whom she names Mike after Tandy’s brother. Phil searches for Carol. What is wrong with me?!

In Tucson, Phil hopes to manipulate Carol into allowing him to impregnate Melissa, but Eagth, who believes in the importance of marriage, sees through his plans when he admits he already told Melissa about this.

Views Read Edit View history. Carol tells Tandy that he shouldn’t be treating Mike so harshly, as Tandy is the only survivor with a confirmed living relative, so Tandy plans to apologize in the morning.

Retrieved Lasst 24, Phil becomes annoyed at all the mn Todd is receiving and schemes to bring the attention back to himself when he finds a stray cow. Lewis celebrates completing his flight training with Tandy, who surprises him the last man on earth season 2 episode 6 watch online a real airplane and convinces him he is ready to fly an actual plane despite the group’s worries for him. Meanwhile, Todd and Gail fight over whether or not Gail is done grieving darth the late Gordon, and Carol and Erica argue about their pregnancies and the air conditioning in their car, which then overheats.

The Last Man on Earth – season 2 episode 6 watch online

Instead of telling on him, Tandy has Todd share the bacon with him, then tries to convince Todd to share the last three bacon packets with everyone else. Retrieved March 24, To do so, he pretends to steal the cow, but when he really does lose it, Todd eventually finds it and allows Phil to take the credit.

Retrieved November 7, Melissa finally says that Todd can have a baby, but she does not want the last man on earth season 2 episode 6 watch online be the mother, so they agree to speak to Erica. LA’ and ‘Madam Secretary’ adjust down: Tandy and Lewis make amends while playing football on the beach, but they set off one of the land mines Melissa buried under the sand.