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Like Morris Bober, Feld is in part the victim of his own goodness. Feld wants to see the best in his daughter, he describes her a a pretty, and clever young woman, just beginning in this world. There is such a contrast in Feld between what he thinks he is doing—protecting the interests of his daughter, acting with vision and foresight, keeping the long-term future in mind—and what he actually. Richard Bernstein, in the New York Times, commented,. The rating of two stars may seem harsh. To ask other readers questions about The First Seven Years , please sign up.

He needs Sobel to help him and he wants to see Mariam with at least an educated gent. Feld organizes a date for her and Max, everything went really strange from there on. Although he knew nothing of shoemaking when he started, he quickly learned the business and could soon repair a shoe as well as Feld. As such, it is a representative work of one of the most distinguished American writers of the second half of the twentieth century. But then Feld has a change of heart. But why is Feld so unhappy for his daughter? Although there were jobs, working and living conditions were poor, with overcrowding and disease common.

This is not only a story with roots in the Old Testamentas most critics agree, but also a new story of America and the promise that hundreds of malamyd of immigrants in the first half of the twentieth century saw for themselves and their heirs. View a FREE sample. Feld is faced with a yeaes choice: During this period, he continued to write in his spare time.

Then Feld says he the first seven years by bernard malamud plot always treated Sobel as if he were his own son, but Sobel seizes on the remark and asks Feld why, then, did he seek out boys for Miriam to go out with instead of him?

The First Seven Years |

Feld, a shoemaker living in New York City, seeks a suitable husband for his daughter. It is also interesting that while Miriam would appear to be independent, Feld on the other hand is reliant on others.

Feld organizes a date for her and Max, everything went really strange from there on. Vevita added it Jan 07, thd Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

I like it better now. Feld wants that his daughter becomes successful, that she goes to college and has a good education and marries a good man with a good job to gain money and maintain her daughter.

Through his own insecurities and by equating wealth to happiness Feld cannot see Miriam having a better life should she marry Sobel. He unsuccessfully tries to persuade Miriam to go to college and the first seven years by bernard malamud plot tries to set up a romance between her and Max.

By assuring that Sobel remains in his employment for a further two years Feld has managed to maintain his social standing.

Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Sobel is a hard-working employee in a shoe workshop; he works for a man named Feld that has a daughter named Miriam. Aubrey holds a Ph.

The First Seven Years – Summary Summary & Analysis

Mimis rated it liked it Oct 14, She is quite capable of standing up to her father, and does not confide in him very readily. He is the prisoner of his limited notions of life that cannot, whatever ywars worthiness of his aims, accommodate any goal other than practicality, material success, and social respectability.

He has no depth. Jose Carlos rated it really liked it Aug 02, In this moment, Feld sees Sobel as Miriam must see him. He was totally fine about letting Miriam date Sobel at 19, so there is really no change of heart. In the climax of the story, Feld tells Sobel that if he works for two more years, making seven in all, he eyars ask Miriam bernarv her hand in marriage.

Climax Once Feld found Sobel, Sobel stood up to his and admitted why he worked all these years for Feld. Sobel says that Miriam knows how he feels about her although he has never bernar her directly. Particularly interesting is Earl H. He tells Sobel that if he waits two more years, he can then talk to Miriam about marriage.

The First Seven Years Summary

However, Sobel does not simply accept the job and consider his life made and settled. Later that day, Sobel is working and pounds on his repair equipment so hard he breaks it, then storms out of the shop after quitting his job. In the same way, Feld tells Sobel that Miriam is not ready to marry yet and that Sobel must wait for another the first seven years by bernard malamud plot years before asking her—making his love apprenticeship, as it were, a total of seven years, including the five he has already spent.

Moreover, he is happy that Max and Miriam will have their first date at the end of the week. He remains part of a culture that is more patriarchal in family matters. Dermot Post Author January 3, 4: He is what Feld wants for his daughter, but Miriam will have non of it.

Cintia added it Nov 19, Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The similar experiences of people separated by thousands of years but still the first seven years by bernard malamud plot a better place are merged in his tale, told as only the son of immigrants could tell it.

He thinks of himself as a practical man, which is why he favors Max as a husband for Miriam.

The story is told by a limited third person narrator from the point of view of Feld. Return to Book Page.