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Niels Arestrup is striking as the hero’s slumlord father. Audiard’s narrative is one of the highlights. He loves classical music, but doubts his ability to regain whatever talent he once had. Retrieved 3 January Tom is an impulsive man which helps in his affinity for violence , and has had little patience required for the career of a concert pianist in the past. The Beat That My Heart Skipped is a work of authority, maturity and intensity that improves on Toback’s original film without appearing to patronise or despise it. Later on, after the character discovers the changing power of art, he becomes eager, wide-eyed, excited but terrified. Relying on the enigmatic and sultry charisma of Romain Duris, The Beat My Heart Skipped is a mesmerising portrait of a man torn by two very different sides of his personality.

The times have bypassed Robert, as Thomas tries to explain when his dad has a deal that goes bad with a Russian mobster named Minskov Anton Yakovlev. Most importantly, he plays Tom with contained passion and charming wickedness, which, in my opinion, defines him during the first hlafof the film. Later, with two sidekicks, he smashes windows and intimidates squatters in another desirable property. Behind the violent premise -Tom’s “business”- is a complex film. He detests his job but he’s too intimately bound to it Tom’s mother was an accomplished concert pianist and he had aspirations in the same direction

She was a concert pianist, and as a young man, Thomas studied the piano seriously. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. I could feel very closely Tom’s desperation and the different attitudes he takes in moive of the difficulty of being his own person.

I thought this conflict was very original and very involving. Most importantly, mvoie plays Tom with contained passion and charming wickedness, which, in my opinion, defines him during the first hlafof the film. He no doubt thinks his hair, probably dyed, preserves the dash he had in the s, but it’s a discouraged mop of worn-out bravado.

Emmanuel Finkiel as Conservatory Professor. April 7, Full Review…. Gilles Cohen as Sami. But the father sits implacably in brat series of shabby cafes, smoking and drinking and setting tests for his son.

He follows Minskov, and takes him by surprise waiting for an elevator. Dark, handsome Romain Duris, who played the fin-de-siecle gentleman-thief in the recent costume blockbuster, Arsene Lupin, is a charismatic presence as the hero Tom, a confident, sharply dressed, chain-smoking, real-estate man who by day thah meetings thd his shifty employer’s clients and by night unleashes sacks of rats into unwanted tenants’ apartments or smashes up the possessions of poor blacks squatting in decaying buildings.

He tries to tell his father to stay clear of Minskov, to forget the bad deal and write off the loss; Minskov is dangerous, and out of their league. View All Critic Reviews The skippdd he brings to his work as an enforcer are precisely those he attempts to realise at tbat keyboard and the best he’ll the beat that my heart skipped full movie manage is an uneasy equilibrium. Fingers did so badly in the States that it took two years to reach England and died here, too, despite respectful reviews and high praise for Harvey Keitel.

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Stylish and visceral, this able remake is infused with realism, grit, and a taut performance by star Romain Duris. Altogether, Audiard’s movie hangs together better than Toback’s: And he begins to find his work bsat. They communicate through the music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. August 19, Rating: The film premiered on 17 February at the Berlin Film Festival.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped Movie Review () | Roger Ebert

Thomas is born to this kind of work; his father, Robert, is also involved in dodgy enterprises and sometimes calls upon Thomas to beat up people who refuse to pay. Behind the violent premise -Tom’s “business”- is a complex film. When Dad is cheated, first by a restaurant owner and then by a ruthless Russian gangster, Tom comes to his aid.

Jacques AudiardTonino Benacquista. Robert by this time is in danger from a Russian gangster, Minskov Anton Yakovlev who scammed him out ofEuros and Tom is worried for his safety. Yes, Robert myy her with pride, as proof that he is still the man he has always played for his son, but clearly he is a heart the beat that my heart skipped full movie on hold, an overweight, florid-cheeked shambles with a yellow sport coat and tangled hair.

One day he meets the impresario who booked his mother’s concerts, and the man remembers his talent and invites him to audition for him. The Toback film, filled with fierce energy and desire, starred Harvey Keiteltorn between Bach and brutality, as the son of a Mafioso Michael V. Jacques Audiard Tonino Benacquista.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Tom is also walking on a wire with his employers by having an affair with Aline Aure AtikaFabrice’s wife, and is forced to mediate a bitter feud between his father and a Russian gangster, Minskov Anton Yakovlev.

He is evidently Miao Lin’s manager and partner. Tom’s mother was an accomplished concert pianist and he had aspirations in the same direction He also covers up for his philandering boss and is drawn into an affair with the man’s wife.