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You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. She didn’t get Heung-Soo in trouble, his past did. Do I want to change the ending? I wish it was 20 episodes because even the way it ended, there could be 4 more episodes to fill out the major and minor storylines. It was a very realistic ending. The boys got these touching explanations for why they were grade A douchebags followed closely by heartwarming redemption arcs but the girls got almost nothing. But let’s say that Eun Hye IS beyond hope.

Thank you, girls, for recapping and commenting this great drama. But there was that lovely scene with Teacher Jo where he talks of holding out your hand while you have these students in your keeping, but not feeling that you are a success or a failure based on how those kids do. That right there is the bias I’m talking about! But instead, she turns over the floor to Ji-hoon, who has something to say. Now Hye-sun remembers Nari slipping her that note that day she got distracted, and looks around for it. I think if Ha-Kyung and Nam-soon had a romantic storyline, then her mother will get involved and I’m not sure if college gal, Ha-Kyung and potential ramyun-shop worker, Nam-soon would have worked out. That’s a feeling I haven’t had lately with other dramas I’ve watched.

In-jae takes Eun-hye aside to her office, telling her that there are more important things in this world than good grades. Nari asks her friend if she hates her, surprised at her friendliness.

The other student training Nam-Soon was Ha-Kyung. Yeah, letting a kid stay with his abusive father. Kim Dong Suk Supporting Cast. I really hate dramas like this School the girls editions: It’s only a bad day, not a bad life. The two boys and Stressed Out Mean Girl were willing to do so and that punishment ultimately got JiHoon to reflect upon and apologize for his part in bullying School 2013 episode 16 part 1 eng sub korean dramabut Really Mean Girl obviously didn’t feel like it was worth her while to reflect and didn’t feel bad about it.

I’m just saying the writers could have written a worldview change for the female bullies too.

Plus there is always night school or an online degree, while it not going to get you into any big company it may get him a chance at something better. I’ve been waiting for the recap since I saw the episode Slapping around Young Woo and stealing his money, draka the crap out of Nam Soon in back alleys, terrorizing the whole class.

Losing something hurts, but is letting go okay?

School 2013 Episode 16

Lee Yun Kyung Supporting Cast. Eventually NS would’ve dated someone in his life. I wish the drama had a few more episodes, so that we could have developed some of the earlier conflict about curriculum and having In-jae tweak her teaching style. It has been so long since there was a drama that touched my heart in many ways. enf

What he came to mean not only to Nam-soon but the other classmates as well; the guys is awesome. Yes, I am aware that they are fictional.

Plus more korsan time with HS and NS. In-jae leads Jung-ho to the meeting, giving him some final words of encouragement, asking him to put in a good appearance because she really wants him to stay at school. You reminded me of something I keep forgetting to mention.

Thanks for the recaps, javabeans and girlfriday! Ah well, I really didn’t feel good with this episode I’m so happy that I get to revise my top dramas, coz man it’s been a while since I really liked a drama, that’s not a romcom straight-out dating drama.

School Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

It takes the wind right out of her sails. If you think the girls shouldn’t have been asked to write those essays along with the boys, I think that’s grossly unjust. They are more easily detected and because violence doesn’t really help you blend in with society, there is more of a desire on both the parts of the teachers and the students to curb that remember how Jung-ho got fired from that server job.

Kwak Jung Wook Supporting Cast. His friends, too, especially Ji Hoon. Despite the fact that I mostly just expressed negatives here, this drama is actually one of my favs of the last 5 years. That’s not likely to change in a big school 2013 episode 16 part 1 eng sub korean drama any time soon. Basically any scene with ramen in it got me all worked up, ready to cry.

I remember this quote from baker king when tak-gu and ma-jun finally had their man-to-man talk. And we were allowed some understanding of school 2013 episode 16 part 1 eng sub korean drama situation not as well off as either Eunhye or Hakyung. After finished watching the final episode, it didn’t dawn onto me that that’s the end of School until it showed preview of School special where the cast cried and hugged each other.

Ji Hoon was more conscientious than I was. Ditu3ka January 29, at Se-chan laugh-cries in response, sort of quietly devastated. I didn’t care much about a teacher romance, but some among the students would’ve been nice.

People always scrutinize a female harder for not being chipper, cheerful, friendly, and open. The moment when Kyung Min realized her grades weren’t getting better despite all of her douchebag ploys could’ve been the starting point. Since the education system in Asia is very different from that in Western or US, I think that’s must be the reason why you think that this drama is unreal cos you can’t reflect to it.

These teachers can’t hold onto him for life; he has to do it on his own.

One of the subject I teach is writing and when students respond in class to others work, the rule is–critique the work the writer wrote, not the piece you wish she had written or the piece you epiwode to write. Not sure if I have much to say on the gender imbalance issue other than that I don’t think all the characters needed to be redeemed but I think they were given a chance to.

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I’m happy that School gives us an open and hopeful ending, but not a feeling of closure. Now all I have to say is that I never knew just how awesome bromance could be until this show Heung-Soo snapped out of it when he hospitalized someone for two weeks and the police got involved.

This articulates everything I loved about the ending and series.