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Joe Giudice freezes, staring straight ahead like the Statue of David’s slightly demented half-cousin. Caroline expressed her hurt over her sister Dina being on the show with Teresa and revealed that she and Dina still are not speaking. When asked if she thought Melissa could really sing, Teresa said that every time she had heard her sing, she thought she was lip-syncing. Jacqueline says Teresa has plenty of support, and Teresa stares at her lap, willing herself not to break. Cue “douche bags, poopy-head, whore whore, ‘fat girls are blowjob queens’, Horsey Face, evil step-sister, happy witch, sociopath, butchie boys and Josephine. Rumors in the tabloids cause the siblings to rehash old wounds and back-handed comments about their spouses. The fourth season saw no regular cast changes made at the beginning of the series other than introducing recurring cast member, Kim DePaola. Episodes Season 1 2.

Search RealityWanted News Loading. It is the weirdest turn we’ve seen this entire reunion, and I wonder if it’s Teresa’s last desperate attempt to change the reunion headline from “Teresa Speaks About Pending Charges” to “Blowout on the ‘Housewives’ Reunion! Melissa and Joe Gorga try to make the point that Teresa didn’t need to air their dirty laundry on live TV, but this time Teresa’s actually got the upper hand. He kept his head down as Andy fired question after question basically pleading with him to tell the truth. With that, the turbulent reunion is over Real Housewives of New Jersey. And just like that pesky herpes flare-up that your friend claims she got from “sharing drinks in college,” the reunion is back! The entire cast plus the Joes and Rosie are present, and the stress of lobbing insults at each other looks like it’s starting to take a toll.

Once again, when Teresa was put on the spot like she was with Napalmshe couldn’t answer a simple question. She says that her father-in-law never laid a hand on the kids, but that his punishments were “extreme. Plus, they dish about the ‘Manzo’d with Children’ finale and Gia Giudice’s risque music video. Joe Guidice puts the cheating rumors to bed. You know what they say: Episodes Season 1 2. Tweet me sydneyraylevin, and share your reactions hosewives the comments!

Retrieved 15 August Cast members ” Tardy for the Party “. Finally, it’s time to delve into the plotline that Teresa and Joe wish was scripted: Joe snidely commented that the garbage that came out of his mouth that day “cost him big”.

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ reunion recap: Penny for Teresa Giudice’s thoughts |

Maybe she’s like a dead person that only those of us with a sixth sense can see? We’re jersry hard to improve the ad experience on our site, but in the mean time, we’d really appreciate it if you added us to the approved list in your ad blocker. Retrieved May 1, Melissa apologizes, and though her mouth says she has no proof that he’s real housewives of new jersey reunion season 4 rosie scumbag, her eyes don’t look so sure.

The single most dramatic thing happening in any of their real lives, and these reality show stars are not to discuss it? It’s round 2 at the Borgata Casino! Jjersey Down Memory Lane”.

‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Reunion Part 2 Recap: Next Year In … Jail?

Ed from here to eternity for all the nasty things she’s called Joe Giudice: Go to mobile site. It still wasn’t enough to satisfy Teresa, who mimicked Melissa claiming she can sing too. At this point, if anyone flips a table it’ll be because Rosie decides she’s giving up clam bakes and is ready for a eeal.

I didn’t get into details.

Rosie has a meltdown. Every pause in his conversation is long enough to perfectly contain the phrase: She says she’s had hives over the situation, and she gives Teresa credit for her strength. Rosie says it was a “life-changing” retreat housewievs allowed her to finally quit smoking and face a lot of her self-esteem demons.

‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Reunion Part 2 Recap: Next Year In Jail? | HuffPost

Retrieved 16 August By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Joe says that his parents will no longer film with him, and he not-so-subtly blames Teresa for that, too. Over the course of the half-hour, he burps, chugs a Red Bull against everyone’s advice, and threatens his wife that he’s going to pick’n’flick real housewives of new jersey reunion season 4 rosie booger on-camera.

Most insightful exchange about very nature of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”: Although Teresa tried to throw wrench in Kathy and Rosie’s relationship, making comments during the season that Kathy treated her sister poorly when she came out, Rosie clarified it on stage tonight. Is Bobby in there? Third most blatantly untrue statement: I’m not saying she hasn’t been a miserable trollop over these years, but I’m sure that a childhood spent wishing mommy and daddy said “I love you” can change a person.

Not like Sisqo’s penis; just like a truth-bomb.

Such a sad situation. Guess he’s not into kicking a dumb horse. Melissa is still pursuing her music career and she just shot a music video for her new single “I just wanna”.

Melissa and Kathy are still reeling from the hurtful things nes in Teresa’s cookbook, while Caroline struggles to make peace with Teresa and learns she may be starting menopause. Next, we flash back to the explosion of emotion that was Arizona. It’s about time you admit something To this day, they don’t know what caused Albert’s dad’s death, but Caroline gets very real housewives of new jersey reunion season 4 rosie when housewibes suggests that it was in any way mob-related.

One thing’s for sure: Guess who the victim is? It’s an incredibly interesting and devastating window into her world, and suddenly, something is quite obvious: He’s basically a Greek satyr reveling in the pandemonium — finally corrals the women in order to take a look at Rosie’s coming out, both figuratively from the closet reuniob literally into the fray of the Borgata.

Then again, Danielle isn’t on the show anymore and is no longer her competition, so what does she have to lose? I can’t say that in all honesty,” Caroline says, completely flabbergasted.