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Gps software for pda

Using a visual editor, you can find places by name, select predefined areas, or drag a rectangle on the pap to "crop" a section. Also, battery life is short so it really requires connection to the boat battery. Your review for Global Navigator -. Any issues found with program operation please report them to info oziexplorer. To visit the site, go to www.

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Back at the map loader, you can select any of your custom datasets, which are easy to get to in a list called "my maps". It can be quite a coordination test holding the stylus in your hand, tapping commands on the PDA with ror, and driving at the same time. We entered our destination address, asked for a route, and we got directions right from the parking space!

Reviewing PDA Mapping Software (GPS)

All US charts are now public domain and can be downloaded gpx no charge and installed in the PC version for use there or for transferring to the ultra mobile device using Memory-Map Navigator. The product comes bundled with U. That's a lot of data - of course far too much to copy to the limited storage space on a typical PDA, even with added storage cards.

You can also store favorite locations in Global Navigator. What do you think about Global Navigator?

Last Updated Dpa Find Boats For Sale Length: Don't leave without your download! Find Maps at cursor position.

An "estimation" function tells you how much memory your custom map section requires.

OziExplorerCE GPS Tracking Software for Mobile Devices - PDA / PNA / PND

Lda PDA is hopelessly vulnerable to water ingress and requires great care on a boat, esp. Join Date Apr Posts 1, Your review for Global Navigator.

Memory-Map's high performance "QuickChart" scrolling and zooming algorithms give the user interface a snappy, responsive feel you won't gsp on other navigation packages. Once you pick a region, you can choose to copy that region to your PDA, and select where to store the data on the PDA main memory or storage card.

Download a copy of Memory-Map Navigator and see what a powerful tool it is.

PDA Navigation and GPS

See how memory map can be used to geo-reference weather maps, current charts, and pilotcharts. Smartphones or any PDA which have a non-touch screen. Most PDA navigation software is designed for street navigation see Figure for screenshot of a typical PDA street map programand has features for getting around on roads and highways, including. All times are GMT. I have internet access at hotspots to keep up to date with my emails when away.

But Destinator will talk to you like the best. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Sailing, as you say, you can normally see where you want to go or are steering a course.

Speed Monitor plays sounds wav files when set speeds exceeded. Your PDA can display full-color, detailed 1: Use any scanned image for a chart, or topo maps, aerial charts, captures from online map programs, or sections of a pilot chart see below.

Hi, seen a few posts softwafe PDA software. I have a pocket planner with charts for the channel and south Brittany and I have tides tables even for my mooring at Starcross in graph and data form for the next 50 years if needed it provides simple to use route planner using waypoints and gives optimum time for sotfware by the hour.

Another shortcoming in Global Navigator is the business look-up feature, which is pretty limited and doesn't cover all areas. If you have a GPS receiver too, you'll find ffor app even more useful. I used a bluetooth GPS it really worked well.

This is NOT an android app and you may expect!

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