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Divine revelation of hell

I watched in horror as she fell. But how wrong I was! Baxter describes her personal journey through Hell as told in her own words. They were comfortable in that environment and were constantly teasing and tormenting the humans.

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Divine Revelation of HELL

A coffin in hell, blood from a spirit who is immaterial. Jesus said, "Peace, be still. Read chapters 3 and 14 of the Gospel of John. Jesus then turned to me and said, "This man was 23 years old when he came here.

Another non biblical point is that one does not have to be deceived to fall hlel sin, for they are sinners already by being born. There is no way out.

Thoughts on A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K Baxter

Ultimately if this was truly a message from Revelatioon it must be added to scripture, it must be a second revelation from God. I knew that people in Hell felt all these things, too. In the writing of this, some of the things I saw I do not understand, but the. The Left Leg of Hell. Many sinners and even some of My people do not believe that hell is real.

He waited too late. They remember their families and friends and all the times they had a chance to repent but refused to do so. For the Lord God has chosen you for a purpose: In addition, for a period of thirty nights, Jesus took me into hell, followed by ten nights of visits to heaven. My Father gave you many opportunities to be saved.

A Divine Revelation of Hell

In the writing of this, some of the things I saw I do not understand, but the Lord knows all things, and He helped me understand most of what I saw. You knew the straight and narrow way.

What sadistic being would ever think or desire such a thing? I pray for all who read this review wh Foreword: I wonder what will sell? Marcus Bach stated that books are often referred to as brain children, and oc so. The lust of the flesh and the deceitfulness of riches led him astray. A terrible odor came from him.

Baxter's purpose is stated: Memory is always with them. How long will the foolish go on hating knowledge?

But Satan filled your heart with lies, and you went into sin. Their experiences in the world compare favorably to those of any other revelatkon offering.

False Teacher – Mary Baxter

No prophet or apostle in the Old or New Testament has experienced this kind of trip or have had this revealed to them. But I know that I know it was og Lord. The path was a dry, powdery dirt. This book made me want to forgive anybody anything and to stay sweet to all humankind always!

God gave us such a great gift but if we just to ignore or worse reject or turn from this gift and for lack of a better term spit in gods face he will leave you to your fate. The snakes hissed at us, and the rats squealed.

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