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The Hyotei Academy tennis team shows up for an intensive session with Seigaku. This match, which lasts until episode , truly awakens Fuji’s full potential as a tennis player. Akaya tells his silent roommates stories about fallen soldiers. Staff , and Production I. Kintarou achieves the Pinnacle of Perfection after expressing his enjoyment of tennis but Oni counters by activating his own Pinnale of Perfection as well. Tachibana arrives despite his injury also dealt by Kirihara and cheers Fuji on. They have been fully tested and work great. But Tezuka notably counters this by managing to keep hold of his racket.

The Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web. Momoshiro, Echizen, and the Freshmen Trio go to a shopping duty. Although the training he suggests is creative and helpful, the punishment for messing up is a full glass of Inui Juice, a rather horrible drink as the regulars soon discover! It won’t stream on Netflix until this fall, but Anime Expo provided an early look at Shinji Higuchi and Mari Okada’s fascinating new show, with a twist on dragon riding you won’t believe. Akaya vs Kevin Smith. Ryoma and Momoshiro are fighting over a girl?? He then continues and puts his heart and soul into his final shot, what he calls the ‘Final Hadoukyuu’, which is stronger than Gin’s Hadoukyuu styles. Tezuka plans to go to Germany to become better.

Kikumaru plays Singles 2 against Kai from Higa. Rikkai Dai’s Yagyuu meets Kaidoh and asks him what he would do without his Snake. Oishi encourages Momoshiro to take his place in the tennis match. Horio has to disguise himself in order prince of tennis ova episode 3 english sub buy some time, but Ryoma finally appears.

Echizen and fellow club members follow Kawamura in which a meeting between a crying older lady and Akutsu. It condenses the storyline from when Ryoma arrives in Japan to the match against Hyotei Academ Once Fuji starts playing his hardest, Tezuka starts to get pushed back.

Seigaku’s golden pair has a hard time with Akazawa hitting balls that perturbe Kikumaru’s vision. Momoshiro is still angry with Ryoma. Hoverer, though he succeeds in returning it, he hurts his wrist in the process, forcing Seigaku to lose the match.

Kaidoh and Atobe vs. The matches continued at Court 1, with Oni vs. Things go evenly until Fuji lobs the prince of tennis ova episode 3 english sub out of desperation. Bobby, a very physically powerful tennis player of the U.

Atobe wins and since it’s 2 to 2 and a no-game, the last point is decided by the subs. Live Photos from Anime Expo ! Angered by Mizuki’s treatment of his younger brother, Fuji decides to teach him a lesson through tennis on the courts. Ishida loses as Duke bests all levels of the Hadokyuu. Ryoma has a bit of trouble returning the Snake at first, but quickly learns the footing. His determination and sacrifice motivates Atobe but at an incoming ball Kabaji jumps in and scores the point for Atobe.

In the next match, Ryoma is pitted against Yuuta Fuji, Shuusuke’s younger brother who is also known as the ‘Lefty Killer’. The match between the Fuji brothers is also shown. Prince of tennis ova episode 3 english sub when the other pair was about to win, Eiji recovers at match point prince of tennis ova episode 3 english sub saves the ball just in time, thanking his teammate for covering for him. At first, Ryoma and Momoshiro do fairly well, as they’ve come up with a technique to conquer the middle of the court.

Fudomine unfortunately lost their match by defeat because of sometimes members who were injured in a car accident. Shintenhouji faces Fudoumine to see who advances to the semi-finals, and Ryoma meets face-to-face with his new rival. After Akutsu awakens him, Kawamura realizes that he must give his all even if he knows he will lose.

Yukimura is shocked when his power seems to backfire on him as Fuwa reveals his eyes reflect everything. Retrieved from ” https: The anime is an adaptation of Konomi’s Prince of Tennis Japanese manga series.

Migihashi claims that Ryoma will not be able to send the ball past the right side of episkde court. Also shop in Also shop in.

Momoshiro and Ryoma develop a new way of playing doubles — they divide the court in half and each defend a side. Some of the events that occur include Atobe going to school on a Sunday, Tezuka lure fishing with his grandfather Kunikazu, Oshitari Yushi and Kenya getting heated over a lottery in a shopping mall, and Shiraishi being told a shocking truth by his sister Yukari prince of tennis ova episode 3 english sub he cares for his rhinoceros beetle.

Meanwhile, back in America, Prinxe re-encounters with Ryoga, whom he sees training in a slum. Browse Related Browse Related. He then continues and puts his heart and soul into his final shot, what he calls the ‘Final Hadoukyuu’, which is stronger than Gin’s Hadoukyuu styles.


The producer of this year’s biggest hit comedy was on hand to answer some questions about the show, his favorite moments, and some zub we didn’t get to see at Anime Expo ! Fuji secures another win with Tsubame Gaeshi and Higuma Otoshi. Fuji takes an early lead, but the match is far from over.

All sets parts 3,4,5 and 6.

The Prince of Tennis OVA Episode 4 English Subbed at gogoanime

It’s now 3 on 1! What will he do? The arrival of the American team’s Kevin Smith has shown up looking for Ryoma.

Momoshiro treated Ryoma for lunch, but something happened that he must pay 10, yen before the time limit ends!

Rebecca Silverman has the details. Inui faces his former doubles partner, Renji Yanagi, in a match that will determine who’s stronger. Unable to eat what they want, the stress builds on the middle schoolers. He wants to challenge Ryoma to aim higher, beyond just wanting to beat his father.