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As the ice continues to clear, it becomes apparent that she hasn’t been thawing a frozen something As Emma flips through the photos, she finds one of her talking to the Snow Queen in her ice cream shop. When Mary Margaret and David was in the beach, it was evident that David was still right there when she saw Will digging in the sand. A pretty likely duo. Click Here to find out more. Emma, on the other hand, was almost always seen with white outfits.

She throws a big burst of it at him and he flies back into a tree as a result, his arm and axe smashing. Intentionally or not, Miss Swan, you brought Marian back! Hans appears, trapping them and tying them up. From behind her, Emma, who’s stood still in a stunned silence, looks rather hurt. Emma’s box of keepsakes [12] first appears when she unpacks her things in ” The Price of Gold “. We did, meanwhile, see a bridging of two timelines and lands when the mystery of Anna’s whereabouts was solved in a surprising way, and the episode also marked the beginning of the end for Hook’s life as he aided Rumplestiltskin in his new escape plan. The ring that Hook picks up [17] is the one that teenage Emma got when she was at the funfair with Ingrid in “Shattered Sight”. In the forest, Ingrid has started conjuring an ice warrior in an icy lair, as she prepares to make another move on both Emma and Elsa, who are looking through files to find out more about their connection to the Snow Queen.

Thank you for the podcast reviews! She then pulls out the video camera that she and Lily used in the house. Bella Swanin the romantic fantasy movie The Twilight Saga: While the Snow Queen plot should be further along, we timme see more of how formidable an enemy she is. Stop trying to get me to forgive you because it’ll never happen!

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Meanwhile, back in the past, young Emma finds herself a kindred spirit when she befriends a girl who, like her, is a runaway orphan. It all started when Emma suggested everyone just escape town to save themselves, and David’s ice-hacking abilities aren’t exactly perfect.

They decide not to worry about it and are both glad that the adventure helped Mary Margaret feel more like herself again. She sits on the desk next to Wpisode and explains that she hasn’t watched this since she recorded it but some things happened today that made her think about the past. You can help out the Once Upon a Time Wiki once upon a time broken glass full episode finishing or improving the recap. Regina says that she’s not in cull mood for games and needs to know where the Snow Queen is hiding; if she can’t unfreeze Marian herself, then she’ll force her to do it.

“Breaking Glass”

Lily asks why she left and Emma explains that this little once upon a time broken glass full episode from her home, Ceciliagot adopted; she watched her get in the station-wagon with this perfect-looking couple see ” Snow Drifts ” and realized that no one was going to look at her the way those parents looked at Cecilia It appears that Lily wins and she begins cheering to herself as Emma laughs and falls back down on the couch, defeated but not caring.

David soon realizes that she’s looking for a way out of this, which she doesn’t respond to, and he tells her that they are going on this hike.

In turn, he’ll keep her, Elsa, and Emma safe when he destroys Storybrooke. The girl then introduces herself to Emma as Lily. Click here to get your T-shirt! As David returns to find out about Neal, he learns from Mary Margaret about Will but says that Will fuol on his own, saying that Will earned the pardon.

Emma states that she’s an idiot, and Regina agrees, but Emma explains that she’s an idiot because she’s been down this road before. The store managers asks if these two girls are on their own, but the one glaws the cart explains that her parents are outside in the car, having sent the two of them inside to once upon a time broken glass full episode a few things.

This is so David.

e;isode This episode needs a finished recap! Waving her hand much more broadly, she causes a much larger, circular mirror to appear atop the table; it is all cracked and misshapen, presumably because it’s made up of fragments of much smaller mirrors, but there is a single shard missing Until then, let’s dive into the details.

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I missed my chance. He refuses to tell her where it is until she releases him from the mirror, but she refuses to give him freedom until his information proves helpful.

When Emma tries protesting, she too gets choked, but from once upon a time broken glass full episode them Elsa sends the Snow Queen hurtling back with a powerful blast of ice magic.

Emma is surprised, wondering why, and the girl tells her to trust her, before yelling, “Go! She smiles at one of the photos, saying that it’s brokem first time she and Henry went for hot cocoa, and hands it to Elsa, followed by one of her walking him to school for the first time.

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Operation Mongoose, Part 1. Mary Margaret nods, calling him her hero, and the two of them exchange a kiss. Retrieved from ” http: Is she losing her magic?

She says that Sidney, more than anyone, should understand a mirror’s importance; “Mirrors reflect our mood, our desire, our essence. She soon gets one, and Anna’s figure is seen rushing past the screen.

Lily then smiles and points to the once upon a time broken glass full episode luxuriant mansions across the lake, explaining that people use them in the summer, but now that it’s fall, they’ll be empty; she figured she’d pick the nicest one and then crash there glaass a while.

She tells her to learn to live with it: You never would’ve believed me Emma says that they are now, thanks to her, and goes on to angrily ask Regina why she didn’t tell her about Sidney. If the problem is they are not a species or living characters you can create a page similar to the one used to descr After he rpisode Emma uon leaves, Elsa shows Emma photos of her and Henry, which Emma concludes came from Regina when she was spying on them, only to come across another photo that shows Emma with Ingrid.

Young Emma watches from by the entrance of the house she and Lily broke into as Lily’s father talks to one of the cops and Lily herself sits in her father’s car looking ashamed. This puts everything in motion for Ingrid to have the one thing she has desired: Intrigued, Sidney asks just what it is she’s planning, and she explains that she wants to get what has been denied to her for too long; what she deserves. She once upon a time broken glass full episode Emma of trying to assuage her own guilt over bringing Marian back.

The views of the hosts do not necessarily reflect the views of ABC Studios or the cast and crew. And what is does the mirror have to do with all of this?

The framed photo of Regina and Robin Hood [10] is taken directly from a shot in the scene with the two of them in the diner hallway in ” A Curious Thing “. It’s a good trade, once upon a time broken glass full episode the queen takes the deal, leaving Rumple to tend to bigger bdoken Mary Margaret learns the truth. Before they can race off to find Elsa in the urn which Anna decides that Rumplestiltskin has stolen Hans and his men rush in to stop them. We also thought that it may be a nod to previous support for the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundationwhere several Once Upon a Time cast members voiced support in the hopes of raising funds for the said foundation.

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