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It fades away, as the last grains of sand trickle down in the hourglass, and just like that, Mi-ho disappears. My bucket of tears? Even this drama has many recycled elements in it, I still found it refreshingly entertaining. We’ll be practicing our hoi-hoi skills. Thank heavens for that. No need to get personally offended, guys. SyeolLi October 3, at 6:

You hurt, but you hurt so good. Hey man, I respect that, I do think he overacts a bit sometimes. With that, she gives him a kiss, and her tail comes out in the moonlight. I love your name. Ammy October 1, at 7: For me, he is a bad actor. Dae-woong wakes up the next morning in the gym, having cried himself to sleep in that position.

Episode 10 by LollyPip. I was not informed I am supposed to only love someone’s work or then go hide under a rock if I don’t. I’m a picky person, but this drama is one of my fav just a short list! Right there, I could read his feeling through his eyes. Thanks for the recap. He has no training and he seems to be trying, but that does not make him good.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Episode 16

We’ll be practicing our my girlfriend is a gumiho episode 16 english sub skills. Kiwi October 7, at 8: Thanks GF and the JB inserts Dae-woong wonders why everyone, even Aunt Min-sook and Grandpa, are away until tomorrow. Orion September 30, at They manage to make me believe in and root for the love between Miho and Dae-woong.

I realize the dramatic removal of one’s sunglasses is a trope, but Little Director is going to blind himself like that!! Bittersweet or something along that vein. Wouldn’t them getting married be a better resolution for keeping Miho? I was crying throughout the whole episode and I just loved it.

Isn’t that he make you laugh? By giving the conflict episore true life-or-death gravitas, these elements are given a bit of a twist, so ultimately I accept them. Okay, so maybe not exactly THERE, but with some elaboration and otherwise, it would’ve been all right. Subb not the worst actor in the world. I think that everyone should be required to study “Debate” when they are in school in order to understand how to put forward a strong but civil argument.

But I won’t judge an acting performance by how much I like the guy otherwise.

He pulls her in for a hug, as Mi-ho finally girlrfiend herself cry in his arms. Check Karen’s post a few posts back. The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Viki. But can’t help when you Lee Seung Ki is horrible actor with overacting. I agreed with your post. Just out of curiosity, do you watch Strong Heart?

And it’s considered more dangerous because you’re looking at the sun for extended periods of time it’s not as bright. Shin mi ah is so cute! I will miss this gumio.

That said, I still bawled my eyes out, and still enjoyed the show. I guess I just didn’t buy his earnestness. Hahahaha especially when mi ho with dae woong, it’s so cute!

That’s the impression I got. He swallows back his tears girltriend puts on a brave face. Love the last episode. OMG it’s finally here!!!

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I find myself flipping through pictures of our time together, remembering you fondly. I love both of the leads. Thank you both so much for the fabulous recaps every week. She leaves him with a half-hearted death threat. He cries her name out one last time, and then…stands in the path of an oncoming truck.

I love the series and glad I followed it to the enylish Please gmiho the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Girlfriday — love ya. I read the chinese subs so my understanding of the episode may not be perfect. Were you really that scared, back then? There are many “bad idol actors” like him, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not good. Should we do a round girlfrienc hoi-hoi and find out? I feel what u feel. Things which you clearly lack.