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Then I think you are overacting with all the crying. Dong-joo watches him from afar, amazed at his bravery in this act of love. OMG it’s finally here!!! However, it turns out he was just waiting for the lights to go down before he could come in. I did not offend the man or his character, just said he is doing a bad job at acting. The two of you make a great tag team!

They cry, with her covering his eyes to keep him from having to watch her disappear. Watch ‘ Hwayugi ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Thank you both so much for the fabulous recaps every week. For a while I thought so too! Thx javabeans and girlfriday for doing a great job recap this series He reels at the realization that since the moment she came to him, she had already given up. How ironic this is coming from you. Just what we need.

This drama is great. But let me tell you, every star will have their share of antis. He covers his discomfort by asking for breakfast. I will miss this show. He cries her name out one last time, and then…stands in the path of an enflish truck. Home Shows Descendants of the Sun.

My girl korean drama episode 5 english sub Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Jul 14, Without so much as an ounce of fear or hesitation, he tells Dong-joo to come to kill him alone, and to make sure that he returns the bead to Mi-ho safely.

ANdie October 1, at 8: Shin mi ah is so cute! He is giving a performance to the viewers. Hahahaha especially when mi ho with dae woong, it’s so cute! Film Heartbreak Library His quirkiness and a little bit of cheesiness made it fun to watch. But it’s alright, the cute made up for it.

She denies it and leaves the bathroom. Canadia October 1, at 6: Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. I can relate to DW through him. Michael Lee Supporting Cast. My Neighbor, Charles Episode 18 hrs ago.

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I’m not saying you’re all like that. Character Teaser 2 – Cha Seung W Like I said, it’s a personal taste thing as well.

This has turned into my favorite drama of all time. Not wasted on Dae-woong and his yeojachinguneun gumiho! But I think the word horrible is just not appropriate.

Full House: Episode 5 Recap – WORTH THE DRAMA

Don’t feel sorry for koorean. Lee Seung Gi Main Cast. Orion October 1, at 7: I agree with you on loving the mirroring of scenes near the end! I had no idea I spend my life, which I happen to have, worrying about whether a guy I’m not even a fan of would become big.

Are people only my girl korean drama episode 5 english sub to voice their opinions if they are positive and fit in the group?

Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. I cant believe there is someone said that Lee Seung Gi’s acting was horrible in the final ep. His emotions of heart break at the fact he’s losing the girl he’s in love with and giving his life wouldn’t even do a thing Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Jul 18, Nay I say to that!

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It aired on RCTI in From Guam September 30, at 9: SBS ‘s Wednesday—Thursday dramas. My only gripes with the finale were little things. As characters I like them both individually but when together, this two are magical. Worse than that, they show no respect for the ladies who made this site for lorean.

I wanted to tuck in early but then I remember that you guys were putting up the recap tonight. They can finally mate their eyes out. Watch ‘ Hwayugi ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

Ep 19 1st March October 1, at 3: Destiny plays koean important role as after almost a year of having parted ways, Moyon and Shijin meet at a warzone in Uruk, a land far from Seoul, South Korea. I was crying throughout the whole episode and I just loved it. How is Lee Seung My girl korean drama episode 5 english sub a horrible actor?

My Girl Episode 5

Dong-joo tells her to go to him, and leaves them to fate. I know you own your own opinion, but please be more human when you comment about him because you may raise anger from others. Why does Hong Sisters insist on Seung Gi taking this drama?