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If you have a question or comment specifically for our podcast , be sure to note that in your message! Simple, by contrast, brings out the fear of their unfathomable true nature better than being too showy. Retrieved from ” https: Listen to the Theatrical Review! Inscrit sur le site? L’histoire n’est pas genialissime mais on ne s’ennuie pas.

Retrieved August 6, Battle of Gods Theatrical Film. I thought about which of those I should make it closer to. Retrieved December 12, Recently Edited Pages View Logs. It was produced when five pure-hearted Saiyans infused their light into another pure-hearted Saiyan. Finally, Beerus fires a huge energy ball which Goku struggles to keep from destroying Earth.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods : retour gagnant ?

Madman Entertainment announced they had acquired the Australasian rights to the film and screened the movie at the Japanese Film Festival in Australia from October lf December. The magazine and official website also published a comment by Akira Toriyama about the movie. The “Battle of Gods” arc covers episodes It’s le film dragon ball z battle of the gods film that showcases perfectly why the Dragon Ball franchise has such long lasting popularity.

Beerus praises Goku as el second strongest person he nattle ever fought. Retrieved February 17, Identifiez-voussinon inscrivez-vous! Retrieved August 6, While everyone despairs of finding another Saiyan, Videl reveals what Dende had learned earlier: Meanwhile, Whis wanders off to a nearby sushi stand to eat.

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Though Goku bahtle has not solved the mystery of Super Saiyan God, he thinks he might be able to if given a little more time. Gohan powers up and attacks Beerus, only to be taken down by a heavy kick. Goku has never heard of it before, but respectfully requests a match with Beerus to test his power.

Retrieved April 18, Ouvrir le menu Menu.

Originally, they were just going to be petty thieves. Discuss Episode on the Forum. Whis is a character I came up with, figuring as you might expect, that I needed to bring out a handsome fella, as well.

It is not a stellar addition to the franchise but is a worthwhile and at least moderately entertaining one, provided that one does not go into it expecting an action magnum opus. While virtually all of her friends and family are there, Vegeta is off training on his own.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods : retour gagnant ?

Videl has been hiding the fact to surprise Gohan later and they do not reveal it to the others yet. So I made them into the Pilaf gang.

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Retrieved September 22, Retrieved March 27, HiroshimaMiyajimaShikokuOnomichiNaoshima The second full trailer for the film began being streamed on Cinema Today’s website on February 27, League Division 1 football team Albirex Niigataa special poster unveiled on the official Battle of Gods website on February 20,was displayed across Niigata Prefecture in promotion of their match with the defending league Division le film dragon ball z battle of the gods champions Sanfrecce Hiroshima on March 3, Retrieved April 9, Have a question, comment, or concern you would like to share with us?

Beerus, with Whis, then tracks down the Saiyan warrior Gokuwho defeated Freeza.

Dende heals Videl and discovers that she is pregnant with Gohan’s child. Listen to the Home Release Review! Drop us a line at the email address provided below.

Translations from Japanese sources. Only, in the end, we expanded the scenario too much, and at the dragln phase, we had already gone very much over [the intended length], so as a result, we cut down quite a bit.