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Sigh, the show is already raising the ire of the public for having an alternate universe of a peaceful North amid the political tension over firing of rockets and possible new nuclear test. Oops I inadvertently helped kill the king? So glad I was home alone: The writers built up to it and when it happened, it was still slow, soft and gentle. I love the show!!! From his office, Jae-ha finally breaks into a smile, after watching on pins and needles. We see that there is a mutual attraction between the two and they admitted it themselves.

Thank you so much for this. If they did it, and I am inclined to think so, it was all for him. He told her he sent the same thing to Jae-ha—did he not receive it? He tells everyone to leave so he can talk to her privately. And the new king not remembering him is the last straw for his distorted ego. It’s really a shame that many korean ppl are missing out the chance to watch this drama. Remember that this royal family is not the English or the Japanese as Jae Kang said , they are financially very dependent on donations.

I heartx that it was necessary to show the trial scenes. I think she might experienced it while she is a ‘team leader’ in special force, no emotional connection and no hint of that too I guess. I ran out of examples. Dong-ha says he was actually headed to see Hang-ah earlier… and Jae-ha fidgets jealously, announcing a change of plans: And in front of the people, so she can be turned into a public mockery?

Saima, and thank you for your response. Jae-shin looks at pictures king 2 hearts korean drama ep 8 eng sub Big Oppa as she listens to music, crying as she clutches his face to her heart. Raine April 14, at 6: Also on the same wavelength.

I cried while reading too. Does his hatred extend to the whole royal family, the royal system?

I wished the writers wd make him more believable as a political adversary hearfs his carte blanche antics are such a stretch of believability! This pair is so well matched in personality, pride, drive, awesomeness. But in this case, considering Jaeha’s emotional state I’m not completely sure about it. I think it was not sexual at all just at most cuddling. Falling in love before the wedding?

To get angry at him and fight with him after his brother and sister in law died? Maybe because the important catharsis was Jae Ha revealing his sorrow about losing Jae Kang, and the sleeping together afterwards was just a natural progression of the moment between two engaged adults who happened to be alone and sitting on a bed. Nik April 13, at 7: Agree with you king 2 hearts korean drama ep 8 eng sub all points.

Where have I seen behaviour like his? We get to see how everything they are doing is to try to help and protect the other, but they each don’t get to see that. He argues that the monarchy is in danger, and the public is up in arms. After all, it was Jaejoong that allegedly hit their sasaeng fans. Jae Ha continues on his way and Hang Ah just watches him.

Love this drama, but felt the romance was really really rushed. I can understand the story, thank to the details you wrote. Left alone, Jae-ha turns around king 2 hearts korean drama ep 8 eng sub the little screen that prompts him for a set of keywords, one to start recording and one to stop I foresee this coming in handy later. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

She tells him she only has him for thirty more minutes, and then he has to go back to work.

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Lee Do Kyung Supporting Cast. Hope this drama gets the recognition it deserves. Lee Yon Ji conveyed her part exceptionally awesome. Now I can go watch the episode raw. Things left unspoken because you don’t want to brag is the argument feeder. Given that Hang-ah had never been kissed before, I doubt she’d ever been in bed with a man before.

We know she did not but it can cause a great deal of heartache I think the secretary got bitten. Have loved them both to bits in each series but am suv blown away by the soulfulness of Jo Jung Suk.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 8 Recap

I just hope it blows over in an episode or two, instead of being dragged out for 4 or 5. Which one is going to find out first? The King 2 Hearts Favorite. The scene in which he finally enters the palace and mimics the movements of the guards, as if he were a conductor, is another indicator of his greed for power. Which of course leads to the big misunderstanding. Some miracle from drama Heaven will have to occur for any couple to dethrone them as my King 2 hearts korean drama ep 8 eng sub of Where are they being cutesy-cheesy?

At this point, it doesn’t crama why he thinks he should be king. Not to mention the kickass soundtrack. Agree with your every words, deary. Letting Hang Ah take the heat for the assassination when he was responsible If it’s Eun Shi Kyung send him out!

The King 2Hearts Episode 8

Moreover, Jae-kang is the one he trusted to keep an eye on his daughter, but now what? Buh… who hired this guy? He instinctively starts complaining, but has to remember to hold it together.

Aw, look at them being on the same page.