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Autocad lisp tutorial

Changes a string of text from lower case to upper case, leaving upper case characters as they are. We will do that in the intermediate tutorial level. The first closes the repeat loop. We used the C:

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Keep input statements together. Angtos has two arguments, the first controls the format and the second controls the precision.

It can be any expression and need not only be a string. How do you know which ones are being used by AutoCAD?

AutoLISP Quick Start

Look at the command line. As you add parentheses, you're nesting commands become deeper and deeper. Don't hit the SAVE button yet. What is a variable? The equals character is used, but only as a non assignment statement.

AutoLISP Tutorial | AutoLISP Quick Start | CADTutor

Type this is in at the command prompt: Now type myprog at the command prompt and press the enter key. AutoLisp echo's the value to the ttutorial line.

It generally follows the prompt command. You can modify any of the above aspects. Name your variables and programs something unique.

We do not have to put the program inside of quotes to execute it. When you begin a line with a semicolon, anything you write after will be ignored by AutoLisp.

Learn AutoLISP for AutoCAD productivity

Why did it print Jeff? Type this at the command line: Keep your commands together. Let's take autoccad a step further and create our very own function. It is used for documentation and explanation of your program.

All content on this site is provided free of charge and we hope to keep it that way. The target layer is chosen by simply pointing to an object on the desired layer.

Learn AutoLISP for AutoCAD productivity | AfraLISP

The entity list can be assigned to a variable. It printed " Sanders " to the command line. There are some other differences, we will get to that in the advanced levels.

Click the OK button to exit the dialog box. Variables are names or placeholders if you will, for values.

AutoLisp uses parentheses to nest, allowing you to write a command that acts on evaluates another command. You can't add nil to 1. You should see something that looks like this:. Let's back track and explain the C: Remember to come out of the nest with an equal number of parentheses.

Often used with the subst function; the assoc function lets atuocad search for a specific element, then assign that element to a variable. When it does, type in: The first thing you should know about AutoLisp:

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