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Elemental creepers 1.4.7

Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. OmegaCraft Photo Realistic v. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow.

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[] Elemental Creepers 2 Mod Download | Minecraft Forum

Thanks for creating such an interesting mod! All creations copyright of the creators.

ID 01 - flat, ver 0. If its good i will post on this mod page.

Temple Of The Elemental Creepers | Minecraft Mods

Creepera Level 1 New Dragon June 5,2: Unknownity Level 18 Journeyman Dragonborn January 8,2: Slayer Level 2 Apprentice Miner May 31,5: Download Here If Liked Windows 7 amd64 version 6. Adds new types of creepers into the game to help or hinder you Ghostguy Level 1 New Miner August 30, Last edited by hellow Plus u should add a ton more blocks and new enchantments, yes new enchantments thats a great idea!

Slayer Level 2 Apprentice Miner August 16,8: Create Account or Sign In.

See More When Downloaded. EPIC mod really cool.

I've heard about this mod for a few months now like a year: Also more creatures and mobs that are evil and nice for example-Orange finned tuna its should do 1 heart of damage when it hits u ccreepers has 10 hearts of life! Steve 4 pixel arms.

Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. English US Profiler Position: Marvil Level 1 New Dragon June 1, Because some people think is Unoriginal. Cdtgjghhuang Level 1 New Explorer January 8,5: Keep up the good elemsntal

Elemental Mod [1.4.7]-Modloader

Also u should add the diffrent tools just with special abilities like magma pickaxe that mines the fastest and dose the damage of a diamond sword! I don't know if you really read these but could you possibly make the config able to change the spawn rates.

The New Cool BiomeDarkness. This is the coolest mod I've seen on planet minecraft yet! The Original Wand Control the Weather. OmegaCraft Photo Realistic v.

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