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Lafayette invites Tara’s mother to help watch over her while Jason and Andy work to cover up the truth regarding their role in Eggs’s death. That’s World War II. Terry moves in with Arlene. Eric renounces his loyalty to the Queen and pledges his loyalty to the King of Mississippi. Episode two fully takes care of that little problem. Russell offers him a job as Sheriff of one of Mississippi’s areas and says he is interested in marrying Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq to increase his kingdom. Credits Writer 6 Credits Matthew Jensen. Shannon Lucio Caroline Compton.

Views Read Edit View history. Ronnie Gene Blevins T-Dub. True Blood American television seasons. Lindsay Pulsipher Crystal, Crystal Norris. Sam begins his search for his birth parents. While in her coma, Sookie visits a magical place and meets Claudine. Retrieved August 31,

You Smell Like Dinner

Alcide and Tara attempt to help Sookie get Bill to safety. Franklin’s fangs then sprout out and he lets the guy go. Sam then runs out to the street after him.

Jason confesses to Sookie that he killed Eggs, and then has to reveal it to Tara. Henri Lubatti Nigel Beckford. Ready Player One 6. Bill releases Jessica as her maker, but she refuses to leave him, so he trains her to help him fight the werewolves bound to come after Sookie. They find biker shoe prints and wolf prints, followed by a pair of discarded boots and clothes. Cast of true blood season 3 episode 2 Nicholas Brown Corbett Stackhouse. Andy tells Jason he thinks he has potential.

Co-Producer 1 Credit Michael Lehmann. Blake Michael Teenage Alcide. She grabs his cash and leaves. Game on, Charles 5.

Russell takes Sookie and Bill to his mansion, where Bill kills one of the bodyguards and attempts to kill Russell. Tanya Wright Kenya, Kenya Jones. Grant Bowler Coot, Cooter. Del Zamora Don Bartolo. The Tomatometer score — based on the opinions bpood hundreds of film and television critics — is a trusted measurement of critical recommendation for millions of fans.

Lafayette takes Tara to an institution. Alan Ball returned to executive produce and run season three. Russell offers him a job as Sheriff of one of Mississippi’s areas and says he is interested in marrying Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq to increase his kingdom.

And wouldn’t you know it, Bill’s the only person who can help him achieve his goal. Godric grabs the soldier’s gun and stabs the girl in the shoulder pinning her to the wall. The wolf is about to charge but then we see Sookie shoot her revolver. Retrieved August 18, He tells her it’s too dangerous for her to go poking around.

Deborah Puette Sarah Compton-Harris. This was released by HBO on May Lauren Bowles Holly 57 Episodes Jessica confesses to Hoyt that she killed a trucker, but Hoyt does not care and allows Cast of true blood season 3 episode 2 to feed from him.

Lafayette showed her Ruby because “there is darkness in cast of true blood season 3 episode 2 family. Then Sam asks, “So should I get out or not move? During their run, Tommy stops in the middle of the street and barks for Sam. The girl then shouts “We’re on the same side! Retrieved June 30, Sean Bridgers Big Bobby. Natalie Hall Amber Mills. She made him promise not to tell anyone. Martin Spanjers Young Sam.

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Cheyenne Wilbur Uncle Bartlett. You got a lot of heart. Retrieved April 25, Lauren Bowles as Holly. Jessica tells him it wouldn’t work and goes inside the house. Russell, Debbie and two werewolves attack Sookie in her home. Barbara Whinnery Child Psychologist. Lillian Hurst Great Aunt Cecilia.