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Masahiro Okazaki as Commanding Officer ep After Ciel notices the spill has not been thoroughly cleaned, the maid begins acting strangely, commenting on his blue eye. The Viscount of Druitt, showing up a week late for the costume ball, decides to observe as well. They reveal themselves as grim reapers to Thomas, however he mistakes them for actors. Iris Artajo as Vincent Phantomhive. Colleen Clinkenbeard eps Ian Sinclair eps Script: He orders Claude to clean the mess, while taking Hannah with him to the bedchamber, much to the former’s surprise.

Gloria Ansell as Ciel Phantomhive Animax dub. I’d already checked ou When the two arrive at the studio, Margaret destroys the studio by sprinkling powdered magnesium everywhere and ignites it with her camera flash. March Mar 9, Volume 1 of 2 contains 13 episodes. Claude tells him that it was Sebastian who destroyed the village as an order from a former master. While touring the building, the two explain the rules of the upcoming exam.

Alois amusingly gives Arnold a large sum of money as a bhtler gift. Alexander Doering as Souma. Sesson, the pair discover that the sparkling substance in the ashes of the most recent victim is magnesium powder that is likened to the powder used in flash pans for photography. The servant triplets suddenly snipes the former prostitute in the forehead, in which Sebastian immediately engages in combat against them. At the funeral, the photographer and his overweight wife, Turner and Margaret, present the groom with the last photograph the couple took together moments before black butler season 2 english dub episode 8 death of his bride, however the groom drops the frame due to his bandaged hands.

Black Butler: Book of Circus Episode 8 English Dub

Out on a lake, the three are approached by BardroyFinnianMey-Rinand Tanaka in a boat, saying nonsensical rhymes. In the meantime, Lau and Ran-Mao hold bets on whether bugler not they will find the stag. While still recovering, Kelvin learned that Ciel has survived, and since then he was eager to meet him. Second Season Anime Jul 6, While Lau and Ran-Mao black butler season 2 english dub episode 8 corks in their ears, Agni assists Prince Soma and his friends to retain control of themselves while fending off the controlled guests.

Nonetheless, the three does not give up, as another fight erupts between them and Sebastian. What’s Going on in The Entertainment Hall?

Alois and Claude take this chance to make an entrance, and soon after, Sebastian and Claude agree to have a private conversation. Ciel becomes more and seson interesting in this case, trying to figure out who is responsible for Henry’s death.

Black Butler: Book of Circus

Masayoshi Yoshioka Theme Song Arrangement: Hannah opens her mouth and reveals a gaping abyss. Keiko Taniguchi as Female Guest ep 4. Alois then collapses, presumably dead. Jessica Cavanagh as Paula. Part Episoode Mar 23, Mitsuki Saiga as Edward V ep CanaanTrigunXam’d Streamed Oct 1, This later turns to anger after Grell discovers through watching Beast’s cinematic record that Sebastian seduced her.

Resembling that of a role-playing gameElizabeth invites the main character, referred to as the lady, to join her at the ball held at the Phantomhive estate. As the butlers race to him, he makes a contract with Hannah.

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Shinnosuke Tachibana as Soma. Henry is soon found dead, with an arm missing and blood coming from his head.

Ciel promptly refuses but eventually agrees once Elizabeth starts crying. A new day begins at the Phantomhive Estate and guests are expected for a business meeting at night.

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Anime Boston – Funimation Apr 5, Sebastian intervenes when West orders Agni to attack Prince Soma. Sebastian black butler season 2 english dub episode 8 Claude that their battle will continue another day, as he leaves with Ciel in his arms. Meanwhile, Kelvin reveals to Ciel that he met him and his father when he was still a small child, years before the tragedy that befell his family.

Justin goes in-depth on the numerous reasons your favorite unlicensed anime remains unlicensed, from music clearing headaches to personal grudges between licensing parties.

epsiode Elizabeth asks Ciel to teach her how to play chess until sundown. In the aftermath, a false Queen Victoria emerges and urges London to begin rebuilding.

Grell Sutcliff is requested by Madame Red to train under Sebastian. Sebastian, cleverly using his tailcoat to jam Grell’s chainsaw scythe, is suddenly interrupted by William T. Hitoshi Yanai as Rickman eps