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Lau points out that the old dam is about to burst. Sebastian carries her back inside the mansion, receiving a change of clothes. The duo then attends a presentation at the circus itself, but when Joker, the ringleader, asks for a member of the audience take part in the show, Sebastian volunteers, but a commotion is caused when he finds himself enticed by a tiger. Unfortunately for the debonair demon, there’s a new butler in town He lands in a palace, where he meet the duchess Prince Soma, the black pepper enthusiast Agni, and the catlike Grell. Some emissaries from the queen watch the whole scene from afar but decide to not report to her about Ciel’s decision to sacrifice the captive children. The Viscount of Druitt, showing up a week late for the costume ball, decides to observe as well. He is filed with guilt when he loses his memories of those he wronged.

The servant triplets are easily defeated when Sebastian hangs them to a tree while Grell finishes them off with her death scythe. He amends the crisis by getting rid of the murderer, tearing off the dining car roof containing the explosives, and halting the train just before it reaches the broken bridge. Grell slices off the sail, plunging the Viscount of Druitt into the water, while Sebastian catches the lady into his arms. Sebastian and Claude begin a culinary battle during a tea break, dodging the ingredients thrown at each other, surprisingly creating food sculptures. In the end, Ciel is much amused when he sees his servants covered in filth. Ciel then asks a teary-eyed Elizabeth to dance with him.

In the end, Sebastian takes a photo of Ciel, who had fallen asleep at his desk, with Pluto behind him at black butler 2 ova episode 3 english dubbed back window which leads to an amusing photograph that confuses the rest of the servants at the mansion.

The story of Kalithe Hindu goddess of power, is explained. Sebastian creates an ice model of Noah’s Ark, complete with animals inside, but the Hope Piece is apparently lost in the river following a bombing incident. Ciel then makes his way to Windsor Castle on horseback, epispde he discovers Queen Victoria dead. Views Read Edit View history. After the show, Joker insists that Sebastian must be examined by the doctor in charge and the butler’s curiosity is piqued when he finds that many of the performers wear some unusual prosthetic limbs manufactured by him.

Ciel promptly refuses but eventually agrees once Elizabeth starts crying. After fabricating a story to dissuade elisode, Ciel has a crisis of Asthma and gets himself bedridden. At the funeral, the photographer and his overweight wife, Turner and Margaret, present the groom with the last black butler 2 ova episode 3 english dubbed the couple took together moments before the death of his bride, however the groom drops the frame due to his bandaged hands.

Alois Trancy frees a butterfly from a spiderweb and breaks off one of its nlack, so that it cannot escape him. Lau and Ciel are charged with drug trafficking, but Lau escapes.

Sebastian tells Prince Soma to face the truth, in that Agni would abandon him someday. Sebastian must serve as butler for both Edward and Richard, an order made by Ciel himself. Grell guides Ciel to a crossroad, where he later parts the trees into a desert, saying that Sebastian lies in that direction.

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Sebastian admits and reveals the culprit’s identity was known all along — it was Earl Grey, the Queen’s butler, whom she had sent to kill Siemens, in order to black butler 2 ova episode 3 english dubbed Germany’s ovq stability, and at the same time, jokingly frame Ciel for the murder as a compensation for the accident with Noah’s Arc Circus.

In turn, Claude suddenly crushes his master’s butleg, as he loses his appetite for a soul what would give its love to a mere butler. But it is unknown as to what the side effect will be for Ciel.

He explains that Ciel and Alois are more alike than they appear, which he plans to use to his advantage.

Damian, impressed with the staff’s preparations, plays a board game with Ciel in which his character loses one of his legs and is ultimately incinerated. Afterward, the two butlers strike a deal in which Alois will be the new target of Ciel’s black butler 2 ova episode 3 english dubbed, and form a contract by dripping their blood into the petals of two roses.

Resembling that of a role-playing gameElizabeth invites the main character, referred to as the lady, to join her at the ball held at the Phantomhive estate. Sebastian and Claude are to duel as demons in a grudge match to see which one will have the right to claim Ciel’s soul.

However, she cries because of this, and her tears black butler 2 ova episode 3 english dubbed balls of puddles. Claude tells him that it was Sebastian who destroyed the village as an order from a former master. Ciel orders Sebastian to stop the flood and vows to save Elizabeth by himself. Sebastian comments that Claude failed to realize that Alois has been playing with him all nlack.

Ciel prepares to finish Alois despite his claims of also losing his parents and pleas for mercy. After Sebastian defeats Hannah, who served as a diversion, he arrives to discover an enraged Ciel. Archived from the original on 7 January The news of Jack wnglish Ripper terrorizes the city of London.

Claude, who had been in the dining car the entire time, confronts Sebastian, presenting him with an invitation to a costume ball at the Trancy estate and claiming it would resolve Ciel’s revenge. Back at the circus, the life on a different, more rough environment black butler 2 ova episode 3 english dubbed a toll on Ciel’s body, but he renews his vow to figure out the truth behind the circus as soon as possible.

He then easily defeats a mob of underlings who are guarding the mansion, all with using various dining supplies.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He orders Claude to clean the mess, while taking Hannah with him to the bedchamber, much to the former’s surprise. He tells Sebastian to stay by his side until he falls asleep, amusing Sebastian, who comments on Ciel showing his weaknesses to him. They were given one month to track down a novelist named Thomas Wallace conclude whether or enylish he should die. Retrieved from ” https: Enter Claude Faustus, a malevolent manservant uninspired by the drab flavor of his own contracted master, Alois Trancy.

Henry is soon found dead, with an black butler 2 ova episode 3 english dubbed missing and blood coming from his head. He orders Claude to fill his bedroom with flowers and an insect cage to keep the butterfly in. Despite Ciel’s protests, he is taken to three psychiatrists, who torture him in order to get rid of his “confusion”.

When a downpour occurs, Ciel tries to convince Elizabeth to stop the search for now and resume at another time. A taxidermy monkey suddenly springs to blaack and destroys the lighting equipment, so Sebastian black butler 2 ova episode 3 english dubbed Ciel escape ahead to an elevator in the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile, Elizabeth desperately looks for a present for Ciel’s birthday. As Ciel and Sebastian boards a train, they see a crate being carried onto the train.

Ciel wakes up being ferried by Sebastian on an ominous river to an unknown location.

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Sebastian is forced to watch the Trancy estate from the woods surrounding the mansion. After finding the master of the tower, Ciel is dismayed once exposed of his desecrated existence. The owner of the tower who wants to kill Ciel is episoce to be Angela. Ciel’s servants have taken down Pluto.