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Our study shows a rising number of evaluation papers, indicating that microservices have started to be more widely implemented in the real-world. Is it worth publishing with this publisher. Do they have any authenticity

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Conference Paper Windows-based Active-Router design and evaluation. ISI rapid publication journals. Most journals respond in around 6 - 12 months. Microservices has been drawing a lot of attention in recent years.

Does that imply different papeds in the process of admission to JCR? The infrastructure and management categories are subsequently divided to several subcategories. Kindly see this list of journal which are indexed in Scopus and publish your papers in that and get the benefit.

How long do you wait to hear from a journal after you have submitted your manuscript? ppapers

Dear Sir, Dear RG colleagues. Dear, please check this link:. Jude Hemanth D Thushari Silva.

Do they have any authenticity Is it worth publishing with this publisher. We have conducted a systematic pspers to identify and classify different categories of these researches. Hi Omar, your paper is one clear example to confirm this matter.

Are all conference papers published in IEEE Xplore indexed by SCOPUS?

Their smaller size compared to monolithic applications makes them more maintainable, faster to deploy and hence more appealing. Additionally, once SCOPUS does load Conferende records, ppaers the abstract is viewable to their users, the user can then link back to IEEE Xplore and lands on the abstract page of that particular record, enabling you to either view through a subscription or purchase the full text article.

I have run across some extreme situations in the scientific publishing arena. Research journals want original contributions not published elsewhere before. For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Are all conference papers published in IEEE Xplore indexed by SCOPUS?

Infrastructures related papers palers more common than software related ones and cloud is the commonest platform for running microservices.

Does anyone know of any ISI journals that respond quickly?

Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Could you or anyone please help me clarify this issue?

Hi Saad Motahhir, thanks for your reply. Together with platforms like cloud and emerging practices like DevOps, they are gaining more popularities in the software industry. For example, I had a rejection in 8 hours, an acceptance in 2 days, Is it worth publishing with Lambert Academic publishers? Similar questions and discussions.

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A Systematic Mapping Study on Microservices: The goal of this study is to find out the common trends and the direction of researches on microservices. Can you or anyone help me clarify this concern? It is common to share results in conferences where the paper would Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

We have attempted to select only those conferencf papers that are specifically conducted with microservices as their primary topics.

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