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Wanted to get it on here before bed tonight and hardly tested it at all.. It looks like it will be an amazing help with editing. More on that later. D - This may be getting too Guitar Hero specific, but are there any plans for error checking type tools? I fucked up This release has been a long time in the making.

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ScoreHero :: View topic - FeedBack chart editor - Current Version b

This feature can be enabled by pressing the "N" key. It is not specifically designed as a guitar hero editor, and I dont interact with any of their file formats. The audio stream feerback is finally working.

Here's the big feature of dB! To do so, here are the values that the offset can be changed to: Current work-around is to save your chart before you place any notes on it, edit it in notepad, and change the resolution tothen load and work with that. Wed Feb 28, 1: To place an anchor, press the 'A' key. I forgot to mention this when I first posted This is for all you whingey bastards that always find something to complain about!

Previous BPM's will be re-calculated such that the beat will fall at the exact time specified by the anchor.

FeedBack - Frets On Fire Wiki

More about editing charts later. Now copy you guitar. One thing of note in this release is the improved usefulness of the 'del' key. I'd appreciate feedback from people who use this system and let me know how it works out for them.

Creds to TurkeyMan from scorehero for creating this wonderful program and for helping me with this tutorial! More on that later. It just occurred to me that I should probably detail how feedbback get started working on a custom. People who have trouble running Feedback can try running the OpenGL exe instead.

This one includes the endlessly requested custom quantisation setting! But that's not why you really want this release Basically, this is how far into the fretboard you need to go before the first note is played. The 'R' button is referred to in the config file as 'Shift' and mimic's the shift key's behaviour. This is where you edit your chart, syncing to music, placing notes, etc.

Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. I didn't test this at all Traditionally, when the songs BPM drifts, you would need to place many subtle BPM changes to compensate as the song go's, this is tedious and time consuming.

I wanted to release this version before I leave for china on saturday. Bootstrap Playground Because we all need a place gkitar play.

Last edited by TurkeyMan on Thu Jan 23, 3: P I'm concerned about the GHEx chart importer, it doesn't seem to respect the chart's 'resolution' setting. If you are asking a question relating to Guitar Hero 3 PC Customs, go ahead and pm or tag in your post one of these users: Feedgack review our rules before posting.


That's when Leff's converter comes into play! Shifting an anchor will not affect any other anchors in the song. The recommended way for setting the offset is to use the internal calculation in dB.

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